NYT Columnist Krugman Says Israel’s Policies a ‘Form of National Suicide’

Haaretz Via Forward: Writing  in his New York Times blog “Conscience of a Liberal” about Peter Beinart’s  controversial book “The Crisis of Zionism,” Krugman writes, “Like many  liberal American Jews I basically avoid thinking about where Israel is going. It  seems obvious from here that the narrow-minded policies of the current  government are basically a gradual, long-run form of national suicide – and  that’s bad for Jews everywhere, not to mention the world.”

Krugman’s unusually harsh critique of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s  government is sure to elicit howls of protest from Israeli spokespersons and  American Jewish organizations — more so, perhaps, as they come on the eve of  Israel’s Independence Day. It is also sure to further inflame the continuously  deteriorating relationship between the Israeli government and the New York  Times, considered by many to be the most important newspaper in the world. Last  December, Netanyahu declined an offer by the Times’ to pen an article for the  paper’s opinion pages, citing the newspaper’s alleged anti-Israel bias.

04/25/2012 9:29 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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