Blatant Obamacare-Student Loan Lies

Obama and the Democrats told us that HCR (Health Care Reform) has a net savings of over $100 billion when in fact the added cost for the first twelve years is more than $1.7 trillion and the net cost is $900 billion in this same period.

The only reason why HCR ‘saves’ some money is because it raises taxes and cuts Medicare by over $400 billion each over the first ten years, yet Obama and Dems claim with Chutzpa that Republicans, who all opposed Obamacare, are the ones cutting Medicare!

Within months of signing HCR, the Dem Congress voted and Obama signed to roll back some of the Medicare cuts (aka A Doctor Fix) to avoid the wrath of seniors, yet Dems still claim the HCR is giving us ‘savings.’

Obama wants to veto the House Republican’s Student Loan fix because it takes some money from HCR. Hey, didn’t your Obamacare save us more than $900 billion with a net surplus of over $100 billion?

 How about you use that money? O, there isn’t any money!

The Dem Congress of which Obama was a Senator in the Majority, voted in 2007 to raise interest on student loans by this summer, yet Obama and the Democrats are running now around acting to be saving the day for students.

04/27/2012 11:37 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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