Jewish Daily Forward ‘Tickled’ By Obama’s New ‘Forward’ Slogan

It’s not every day that the president chooses a new campaign slogan…and it  happens to be the name of your news organization. But that is indeed what  happened today, as the video below will attest.

We are tickled, of course, by the choice. As are, apparently, the folks in  Twitter-land. There are those who think he is borrowing  the slogan from MSNBC, and even a few, like Bill Kristol, who think it’s to Mao  that the president is turning. We have no special insight on this. It’s just  amusing to see our name writ so large.

On Twitter, though, some thought the choice was no coincidence:

Ben Smith tweeted: Turns out  MSNBC stole its slogan from various tech companies, a venerable Jewish  newspaper, and Mao

Traditional American went for the  conspiratorial: Obama’s been losing the #Jewish vote; now his new slogan is  #Forward? As in the Jewish Liberal magazine? #tcot  #teaparty

And then there was Daniel Gross:  Not sure about the Obama campaign’s new “Forward” slogan. He’s already got the  yiddish-speaking left-wing Jewish vote wrapped up

And my personal favorite, from Ron  Kampeas, of our friendly competitors over at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:  @MittRomney counters @BarackObama’s #Forward with new slogan, #Telegraphic

(Source: Forward)

05/01/2012 9:47 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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