PHOTO: Flashback to Last Year This Week: Vindicated by Ron Suskind

Hillary Removed

Ron Suskind’s book published in September 2011 outlined the chronic problems that women have in the Obama White House and the few of them who are in senior positions. This is interesting because of the following: It was last year this week that a national political fire storm broke out when it was learned by the secular street that Dee Tzeitung, a large Hasidic weekly newspaper removed Hillary Clinton from the “Iconic” WH photo of the OBL mission.

I noted back then (On May 9 2011, four months before Suskind’s book was published), as follows:

If as many reports suggested that Di Tzeitung removed the two women from the photo because the paper “has an issue” with women in power, can we ask if Obama has an issue with women and minorities in positions of power? After all, few of them made it to the photo in the first place… Of the fifteen-sixteen people in the photo, only two are women; one (the President) is half Black, and I did not see a Hispanic there either.

05/07/2012 11:52 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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