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PHOTO: The TX Inmate Who Won Tonight 41% of the West Virginia Primary Vs Obama

Obama Won Only 59% in WV and 79% of N. Carolina Dem Primary (Pic Credit: Mediaite)


Who is Keith Russel Judd? (Won 41% of the Vote Against Obama in West Virginia Prez Primary!)

Rush Limbaugh has been screaming a top his longs for the longest time that even Elmer the Fudd can win now against President Obama. Well… that is almost what took place today, Tuesday: Obama has only 59% of the vote with 85% counted in the West Virgina Democratic Presidential Primary. While Keith Russel Judd, a 42 year old, White 6 foot 2 inch tall inmate (in Texas) has 41%, and over 61,000 votes! In North Carolina, Obama won less than 80% of the vote, while “No Preference” picked up almost 200,000 votes; more than twenty percent votes casted.

Judd is now in a Texas prison serving a 17.5 year sentence for making some threats in 1999, according to Mediaite.


Reason Six for the Unity Government in Israel

Bibi wants to be able to say to President Obama: More than three-quarters of the Knesset is with me. I am Israel. – Reason number six by Jeffrey Goldberg why Israel went to a Coalition government, giving Bibi 94 of the 120 seats in Knesset.


Israel – WH Says No Change in Policy After Surprise Unity Gov

“A new coalition in Israel will certainly not affect our policy approach. We continue to have very good relations with leaders in Israel, and we provide significant support for, in coordination with Israel’s military, on its security interests,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. “We share a lot of information when it comes to intelligence, and we will work very closely with the Israelis,” Carney told journalists aboard Air Force One as it took President Barack Obama to Albany, New York where he was to deliver a speech. – Raw Story


PHOTOS: NYS Senate Leader Dean Skelos at the ‘Bonei Olam’ Dinner

“Bonei Olam’s mission is to help couples that are experiencing infertility realize their dreams of enjoying these moments,” reports their website. Skelos was honored at the dinner in Brooklyn this week. Photo, as you can see, was first posted by JDN. I am not sure why a water mark is needed in center of the picture when there is already a big logo eating up half the photo.


VIDEO: Biden Makes Sign of the Cross in Front of Rabbis

Too often VP Biden speaks like a toilet and acts like a clown, but ‘Crossing’ himself in front of a Jeiwsh group after the speaker noted his many years in public office, was just too funny. (But of course, had Biden been a Republican, I am sure the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) would attack him for being “insensitive” to Jews)

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NJ9 – Video Ad: House Dem Rothman Ties House Dem Pascrell to Bush, Romney

Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell both Democrats are in a heated Primary in NJ9 following redistricting. (H/T The Hill)


NY SD27 – With Court Win Secured, Republicans Scorn Dems for ‘Wasting Time’ Trying to Disenfranchise Minorities

David Simpson, the spokesman of David Storobin in the seven-week post-special election battle, released “We were right all along. Everything the Storobin campaign did to encourage voter participation in this election, especially our outreach efforts into the Russian community, was done in accordance with the law and 100% above board. Today the court affirmed that. The Fidler campaign has wasted time and taxpayer money trying to steal this election and disenfranchise Russian voters. But all they succeeded in doing was to delay the outcome of the election for another month. Once these ballots are counted, we are confident that David Storobin will regain his lead and will be declared the winner.”


NY – After Court Dismisses ‘Fraud’ Cry by Dems, Storobin to Take Slim Lead; Force Recount

David Storobin

One of the biggest question marks hanging over an insanely close March 20th special election to the State Senate in southeastern Brooklyn was 119 absentee ballots the Democratic candidate, Lew Fidler, alleged to have been collected fraudulently. Today, however, the judge overseeing the case ruled in favor of the Republican candidate David Storobin, who very well may now enter the automatic hand recount with a slight lead rather than the 87 vote deficit he ended last week with. – David Freedlander


Gold Gives Up Gains for Year

Gold is basically back to breakeven for the year, and analysts say the precious metal looks set to go even lower. June gold futures plummeted $35 an ounce Tuesday to end the session at $1604.50, after briefly dipping to $1595.50, the lowest settlement and intraday price for gold since Jan. 3. Gold has plunged about $120 from this year’s high near $1715 an ounce in early February. The primary catalyst for gold’s slide, say traders and analysts, has been the euro’s decline and resulting strength in the U.S. dollar due to worries about the economic future of the eurozone, following weekend elections in Greece and France. – CNBC


WSJ Asks: Rabbi Boteach Goes to Washington?

David Feith at the WSJ Writes: Will 2012 mark the first time a rabbi wins election to Congress?

And not just any rabbi. Shmuley Boteach is a former spiritual adviser to Michael Jackson; a frequent guest on TV shows such as “Oprah” and “Dr. Phil”; the former host of TLC’s marriage-counseling reality show “Shalom in the Home”; and the author of some 20 books, including “Kosher Sex,” “The Kosher Sutra,” “Kosher Adultery” and “Kosher Jesus.” His brand of Orthodox Judaism is so well-known that Newsweek has dubbed him “the most famous rabbi in America.”

Now Mr. Boteach, 45, is the likely Republican nominee for Congress in New Jersey’s ninth district, covering parts of Bergen, Hudson and Passaic counties in the northern part of the state. Putting himself forward as “the values voice,” he’s endorsed familiar GOP measures like a flax tax, school vouchers and a hawkish foreign policy. But he’s also offering up some idiosyncratic ideas, such as tax breaks for marital counseling. Read more »


Greece’s Jewish Community Warns of Return to Fascism

The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece said Tuesday in a statement that it believed “the May 6 election of those nostalgic for fascism and Nazism was a serious blow for Greek democracy.”

The extreme-right Golden Dawn party, whose flag closely resembles the Nazi swastika, received 21 seats in parliament, the first time it passed the threshhold to enter the legislative body. It campaigned heavily on an anti-immigrant platform under the slogan “So we can rid this land of filth.” Read more »


Video: ‘Dictator’ Sacha Baron Cohen Pokes Fun of 2012 Field, U.S. Political System

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen held a press conference yesterday in full costume as his character from his upcoming film The Dictator, Admiral General Shabazz Aladeen, leader of the made up North African nation of Wadiya. The fictional despot was asked to make an endorsement in the presidential race. – Hunter Walker


NYC – Dov Hikind Says Thompson is ‘Not Necessarily’ 2013 Mayor Favorite of the Jewish Community

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind notes on his blog today that “the fact is I have not endorsed anyone for NYC Mayor. I’m far from discussing an election that will not take place until next year. I was quoted [in the NYP] as saying Bill Thompson is a favorite in the Jewish community. That’s true. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s the favorite. I supported Bill when he ran against—and narrowly lost to—Mayor Bloomberg. I believed then that Bill was better for our community and our city. I still believe that. But I think the same thing about many of the candidates who are looking at a mayoral run.”


Report: Simcha Felder Has $300K in Bank Plus Many More Pledges for Super Jewish Run

Capital Tonight Reports: Over the last week alone, Felder, who took time off his job as a deputy in NYC Comptroller John Liu’s office to focus on shaking the money trees, received pledges and checks for some $200,000, according to a source familiar with his efforts.

Combined with the $300,000 and change he’s already got in the bank, that brings Felder’s total within spitting distance of the half million mark. And that will only likely grow by the time the July 15 filing is due at the state Board of Elections.

Below is a copy of an opinion obtained in March by Felder’s campaign attorney, Leo Glickman, from the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board that indicates the former NYC councilman is not prohibited from raising campaign cash (on his own time) for a state or federal office the way he would be if he were running for another city post.


VP Biden Explains What he Would Do ‘Were I an Israeli, Were I a Jew’

Politico Reports: Vice President Joe Biden made an impassioned defense of the administration’s  Israel and Iran policies Tuesday, acknowledging and rebutting the deep concerns  that many American Jews and Israelis have about Iran’s plans to get a nuclear  weapon and the lingering doubts President Barack Obama’s resolve to stop  them.

But he suggested that the United States would not stand in the way of an  Israeli strike against Tehran, if that time came. Read more »


In Interview, Sec Clinton Re-Enforces Iran’s Right to Nuclear Energy

The NJDC points out, When asked about her feelings toward a potential military crisis between Israel and Iran, Clinton said: I think that Israel is very worried that if Iran were to get a nuclear weapon, there might be a decision by some future leader to actually use it, and that would be devastating. So yes, of course they’re worried, and they are supporting our efforts to try to resolve this peacefully and convince Iran that they do not – they could – they have a right to civil nuclear power. They have that right, and they are a member of the NPT and that comes with being a member. So we would like to see them join the international consensus for the peaceful use of nuclear power, but give up irrevocably their right to weapons, and that’s what we’re hoping that they would eventually do.


Obama Visits Today Albany High-Tech Center with Cuomo

President Barack Obama prepared to deliver a speech on the economy Tuesday, using the backdrop of a high-technology facility in Albany created out of a partnership with private enterprise and bipartisanship. Beside him through much of the visit will be Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who made jobs and the economy part of his “new Democrat” movement in his campaign in 2010. Cuomo also shows a Democratic executive can forge a fiscally conservative agenda and work closely with Republicans, something with the president has struggled with in Washington. “This Presidential appearance proves by inference what is wrong in Washington, by showing what is right in Albany,” said Bruce Gyory, consultant to governors and a political science professor at the University at Albany. – WSJ


UNNOTICED! Neo-Nazi 7% Win in Greece is Larger Than it Appears; Carries Weight

For average political junkies in the USA, seeing a party winning seven percent in an election seems a joke. But looking at the breakdown of vote-collectors in the Greece elections, the Nazis won quite a big number; certainly when you consider that the task of creating the Coalition is now in the hands of the second-strongest party (Collation of the Radical Left) who won less than seventeen percent of the vote. From seven to seventeen is not such a big jump.

Here is the vote count via Wikipedia and the shocking numbers of seats the Nazis will have in the Parliament: Read more »


Will Iran Ban the Use of Motorcycles to Avoid Scientists from Being Killed by Israel?

New Jersey lawmakers want to pass a law banning people under the age of eighteen to enter tanning salons, following the bizarre incident of a mother who took along a five year old to a Salon. This ‘lets-pass-a-law-or-regulation’ reaction is similar to the rule that passengers can’t be covered with a blanket the last half hour of a flight because the underwear bomber was covered with a blanket… Similarly, fluids were for years not permitted to be used and shows were taken off from 90 year old in wheelchair because of the 2002 show bomb plot.

This sort of response by lawmakers and politicians in America has led my friend to ask me if Iran will ban the use of motorcycles to deny Israel the ability to kill its scientists by using motor cycles… you know, as if this is the problem and reason why Iranians are being taken out by Israel…


Observation From FL: Obama’s First ‘Positive’ ad Silent on ObamaCare, Stimulus, Afghan Troop Surge

Mark Caputo of the Miami Herald notes: President Obama’s campaign has announced a $25 million month-long ad buy in Florida and other states he narrowly won. The ad has a morning-again-in-America feel and mentions the successes of the auto-industry bailout, the death of Osama bin Laden, the end of the Iraq war and the growth of 4.2 million jobs under Obama.

Here’s what the ad doesn’t mention: Obama’s healthcare proposal and the $787 billion stimulus program. Both are unpopular, according to polls. Both are signature accomplishments of Obama’s administration.

Also, the ad is silent on the fact that, under Obama, the troop levels in Afghanistan have increased (so some of those Iraq-returning soldiers are Afghanistan bound). And though 4.2 million jobs have been created under Obama, 4.3 million were lost at the beginning of his term (when he inherited President Bush’s economy, which shed 4.4 million jobs).


Greece – Neo Nazis to Hold at Least 21 of the 300-Seat Parliament

Greece’s Jewish community on Monday sent its members a laconic, factual e-mail. Without any interpretive adornment, the message conveyed a few dry facts. In elections staged on Sunday, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party won 7 percent of the country’s popular vote – a tally twice the minimum threshold level required to send representatives to parliament. The update also included information about districts in which Jews live, and also biographies of the delegates that the far-right party will send to parliament. All told, Golden Dawn will have 21 parliament seats out of 300.  - Haaretz


Israel – Opposition Leaders Respond (In Rage…) to Unity Deal

The following is based on multiple Jerusalem Post Reports:

Jpost reports that “Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu called President Shimon Peres – who was on a trip to Canada – to update him on the deal he struck with Shaul Mofaz late Monday night to form a unity government. The president gave the deal his blessing, saying a national unity government is good for the nation and its well-being given the difficult challenges Israel faces.”

So far so good, but here comes the fireworks from the neutralized opposition: Read more »

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