In Interview, Sec Clinton Re-Enforces Iran’s Right to Nuclear Energy

The NJDC points out, When asked about her feelings toward a potential military crisis between Israel and Iran, Clinton said: I think that Israel is very worried that if Iran were to get a nuclear weapon, there might be a decision by some future leader to actually use it, and that would be devastating. So yes, of course they’re worried, and they are supporting our efforts to try to resolve this peacefully and convince Iran that they do not – they could – they have a right to civil nuclear power. They have that right, and they are a member of the NPT and that comes with being a member. So we would like to see them join the international consensus for the peaceful use of nuclear power, but give up irrevocably their right to weapons, and that’s what we’re hoping that they would eventually do.

05/08/2012 1:55 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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