Report: Simcha Felder Has $300K in Bank Plus Many More Pledges for Super Jewish Run

Capital Tonight Reports: Over the last week alone, Felder, who took time off his job as a deputy in NYC Comptroller John Liu’s office to focus on shaking the money trees, received pledges and checks for some $200,000, according to a source familiar with his efforts.

Combined with the $300,000 and change he’s already got in the bank, that brings Felder’s total within spitting distance of the half million mark. And that will only likely grow by the time the July 15 filing is due at the state Board of Elections.

Below is a copy of an opinion obtained in March by Felder’s campaign attorney, Leo Glickman, from the NYC Conflicts of Interest Board that indicates the former NYC councilman is not prohibited from raising campaign cash (on his own time) for a state or federal office the way he would be if he were running for another city post.

05/08/2012 3:09 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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