Who is Keith Russel Judd? (Won 41% of the Vote Against Obama in West Virginia Prez Primary!)

Rush Limbaugh has been screaming a top his longs for the longest time that even Elmer the Fudd can win now against President Obama. Well… that is almost what took place today, Tuesday: Obama has only 59% of the vote with 85% counted in the West Virgina Democratic Presidential Primary. While Keith Russel Judd, a 42 year old, White 6 foot 2 inch tall inmate (in Texas) has 41%, and over 61,000 votes! In North Carolina, Obama won less than 80% of the vote, while “No Preference” picked up almost 200,000 votes; more than twenty percent votes casted.

Judd is now in a Texas prison serving a 17.5 year sentence for making some threats in 1999, according to Mediaite.

  1. First of all, lets get Judd out of prison!! 17.5 yrs for making threats?????? Does he own an army? Did he threaten to disolve the earth’s core?! Is he part of Al Quada? Holy smokes!!

  2. If this is not a clear enough message to Obama that America does not want him as President anymore then I don’t know what will be. Its a shame that in order to get through to obama binladen 41% of the nation voted for a convicted felon.

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