Who is Keith Russel Judd? (Won 41% of the Vote Against Obama in West Virginia Prez Primary!)

Rush Limbaugh has been screaming a top his longs for the longest time that even Elmer the Fudd can win now against President Obama. Well… that is almost what took place today, Tuesday: Obama has only 59% of the vote with 85% counted in the West Virgina Democratic Presidential Primary. While Keith Russel Judd, a 42 year old, White 6 foot 2 inch tall inmate (in Texas) has 41%, and over 61,000 votes! In North Carolina, Obama won less than 80% of the vote, while “No Preference” picked up almost 200,000 votes; more than twenty percent votes casted.

Judd is now in a Texas prison serving a 17.5 year sentence for making some threats in 1999, according to Mediaite.

05/08/2012 11:14 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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