NJ Congressional Candidate Rabbi Boteach to Sue Jewish Daily Forward Newspaper

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

The Washington Free Beacon Reports: Republican congressional candidate Shmuley Boteach is threatening to sue a major Jewish newspaper for running a “libelous” and “utterly untrue” article that accused him of improperly using his internationally celebrated charity as a personal ATM.

Boteach, a well-known author and Orthodox spiritual leader, told the Free Beacon that a recent article in the Forward newspaper, which raised questions about disbursements made by his charity, amounted to “defamation.”

Lawyers representing the rabbi have sent the newspaper a letter decrying what they claim is its defamatory and false coverage, the Free Beacon has learned, marking the first signs of a possible lawsuit.

The Forward’s biased reporting on Boteach comports with a longstanding practice of antagonizing and mischaracterizing all those who do not toe the liberal line, media operatives and Jewish insiders allege.

“If you’re a Republican or a conservative, and the phone rings and someone tells you the Forward is calling, you know it’s a hit piece and you better get ready,” said one Jewish Republican media operative who has worked with the paper. “The clear liberal bias in their reporting is not news to anyone who reads it.”

Forward writer Josh Nathan-Kazis broadly speculates about a “future conflict between the group’s role supporting Boteach’s work and Boteach’s political campaign” in his article on Boteach’s charity, This World: The Jewish Values Network.

The writer further insinuates that Boteach and his charity could run into legal problems as his congressional campaign in New Jersey unfolds.

Boteach maintains the accusations of impropriety are flatly untrue.

“The Forward hates right-wing political figures and were kind to me till I announced I’m running” for office as a Republican, he said, dismissing the article as “libelous, utterly untrue, and close to defamation.”

Criticizing Nathan-Kazis as grossly uninformed, Boteach added that the Forward is “not a publication I respect.”

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05/09/2012 11:15 AM by Guest Author

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