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BREITBART Headline: Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Judge Nominee [Who Led Rubashkin Raid as Assistant Prosecutor]

@AbieRubin from The Thinking Voter e-mailed me this story at Big Government (which is off of Breitbart): A former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Obama who previously came under scrutiny by the Jewish Orthodox community may soon be confirmed by the U.S. Senate for a federal judgeship, after she received a majority vote from the Senate Judiciary Committee. Stephanie Rose, 39, was recently nominated for a lifetime appointment by President Obama in the Southern District of Iowa.

Rose’s appointment is controversial within the Orthodox Jewish community because of her previous involvement in the prosecution of Sholom Rubashkin, the former CEO of a now-bankrupt, Iowa-based Kosher meatpacking company that was accused of employing hundreds of illegal immigrants and violating child labor laws. Read more »


24 Hours Before Urgent Vote, Detracters Smear Orthodox Jewish School Board Members

Tax increases in the last three years are very low compared to the previous years, yet school graduation levels are very high compared to previous years.

I am talking about the East Ramapo Central School district in Rockland County New York that produces more with less. Read more »


Obama Heading to NYC on Monday to Deliver 1:00 PM Commencement Address

NY1 Reports: Arriving in the city late Monday morning, the president is slated to deliver the commencement address before 600 Barnard graduates at 1 p.m. Obama called Barnard President Debora Spar on February 29 and requested to speak at the commencement.

The original scheduled speaker, New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson [a female], agreed to step aside to allow the president to headline the event. The president is expected to receive a medal of distinction at the commencement. Obama [who came from a poor background, somehow made it to and] graduated from neighboring Columbia University’s undergraduate college in 1983 [twenty years after his father graduated from Harvard University].


Politico: Berman Has the Elite and Obama; Sherman Has the Masses

Politico Reports: Berman has won the unofficial primary among Hollywood and D.C.  elites, they say, but it’s Sherman who has the edge right now among voters who  live among the backyard swimming pools and porn sets of the sprawling San  Fernando Valley. Read more »


Political, Social turmoil worries Hungary’s Jews

The debate over anti-Semitism in Hungary has sharpened since the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and anti-Roma (Gypsy) Jobbik movement entered Parliament two years ago as the country’s third largest party. Seeking scapegoats and channeling paranoia at a time of severe economic, social and political woes, Jobbik’s lawmakers regularly — and loudly — spout xenophobic, anti-Roma, anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric.

Outbursts in Parliament, in local councils and in the media have demolished taboos and increasingly serve to legitimize hate speech in both private conversation and public discourse. But for the Jewish community, anxiety over anti-Semitism is only one toxic element of a broader and much more complex national crisis that touches all parts of society two years after the 2010 elections swept the conservative Fidesz party to power.

(Read More by Ellen Gruber)


KOSHER IT IS: New York’s Kosher Label Law Upheld

JTA Via Forward Reports: New York’s kosher law, which regulates the labeling and marketing of kosher  food, does not violate the Constitution’s First Amendment, a federal appeals  court ruled.

The three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan  ruled May 10 in a constitutional challenge to the New York State Kosher Law  Protection Act of 2004. Previously, kosher was defined legally as “according to  orthodox Hebrew religious requirements.” Several butchers challenged the law in  a 1996 suit. Read more »


Brooklyn – For Dem Boss Lopez, Three-Way Races is Only Winning Strategy

Following our analysis last week of the eroding electoral power of NYS Assemblyman and Brooklyn Dem Boss Vito Lopez, some readers pointed out to me that Lopez indeed did have success in some hotly contested elections.

Indeed, Lopez candidates won some elections in recent years, but a review of the results show that they won likely only because the “other side” was split between two or more candidates. For example, in the September 2011 Special Elections for the 54’th Assembly Seat, the Lopez candidate (Rafael Espinal) received only 46% of the vote, while the rest 54% of the vote was split between two other candidates opposing the Lopez Machine. Read more »


VIDEO: THIS Will Make Your Blood BOIL!!!

This is just crazy!!! Obama has a mortgage program to help homeowners whose houses are underwater. He claims people who bought house in the early 2000s and are “reasonable” by trying to keep up with their mortgage should get help because they were just caught with bad luck when prices started going down in 2007.

Sounds ok, Correct? Well, 1) no! If you jumped into the house without real money and also thinking that it will go up, you should suck on the loss and go back to pay rent. Just like Real reasonable people did by not jumping into a house. But it gets worse: LOOK which type of people got help from Obama’s mortgage refinancing! Just Look!


EXCLUSIVE: Read Letter from Foreign Relations Chair Senator Kerry to Sec of State Clinton Re Ostreicher

Elected officials of both parties have come under increased criticism from members of the Orthodox Jewish Community for apparently failing to assist Jacob Ostreicher who is under arrest in Bolivia since June 3’d 2011 without any charges leveled against him.

Gestetner Updates has however obtained  a Letter written back on October 5 2011 to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by U.S. Senator John Kerry (D. Massachusetts) who is the Chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In it, the Senator writes that he learned from this case “through the office of our good friend and colleague Senator Tom Coburn [R. Oklahoma] and which my office has been following up on through contact with activists concerned about the safety and well-being of Jacob Ostreicher.” Read more »


Seperated Jewish Couple Running Against Each Other for NY Assembly Seat

Yiddish Report flags this from the NYDN: The War of the Roses is erupting on Long Island, where a Nassau County man is  set to challenge his estranged wife for state Assembly.

Mark Schimel has been given the Nassau County GOP nomination to seek the  Great Neck seat that currently belongs to his estranged wife — Democrat Michelle  Schimel. It’s a move that shocked even his own mother. “You’re joking,” Irma  Schimel said when she learned of her son’s plans by the Daily News. “This is a really startling thing. It’s a shock. Why would he do this?”

The couple separated about a year ago after 32 years of marriage and two kids — but are not legally divorced. Read more »


URGENT: Greece Prez to Meet with Neo-Nazis in Desperate Attempt to Form Gov

CNBC Reports: Leaders of the three biggest parties, each of whom had failed to form a government in the past week, convened at the presidential mansion, where President Karolos Papoulias had a last opportunity to implore them to form a coalition before he must call another election, probably in mid-June. The meeting broke up after less than two hours of talks after the second-strongest winning party (The Radical Left, aka SYRIZA), refused to join the government because they are against taking help from the EU in exchange for Austerity. Leaders said the discussions had hit a snag, though they expressed the hope that difficulties could be overcome… Read more »


‘The Nazis Have Returned to Greece… I witnessed My First Sieg Heil’

Christopher Humphrys Writes: My father-in-law remembers the Nazis. He lives across the road from us in downtown Athens now, but was brought up in the town of Megara 40 miles away.  One of his clearest childhood memories is of the beatings he suffered at the hands of German soldiers, when he was just eight. “They would hit us for fun. It was a sport for them,” he told me. To this day he can’t watch war films.

He wasn’t the only one that suffered in Megara and beatings were the least of their worries. Many died from starvation. “I spent 10 years going hungry,” he says. Everyone who lived through those terrible times had memories like his and many are alive to tell their stories. It makes what is happening now even more shocking. Read more »


How Did JPMorgan Chase Loss $2 Billion in a Bad Bet?

Very simple. CNBC Explains: The failed hedge likely involved a bet on the flattening of a credit derivative curve, part of the CDX family of investment grade credit indices, said two sources with knowledge of the industry, but not directly involved in the matter. JPMorgan was then caught by sharp moves at the long end of the bet, they said. The CDX index gives traders exposure to credit risk across a range of assets, and gets its value from a basket of individual credit derivatives.



A survey of more than 9,100 British servicemen discloses that almost one in five military personnel has been refused service in pubs, hotels and shops  because they were in uniform. Six% have been attacked in the street, while 21% have reported   strangers coming up to them and shouting abuse. In one case, a member of the Royal Navy was told by his son’s head teacher to   stop wearing his uniform on the school run because it “upset the parents”. A female RAF recruiter said that on more than one occasion members of the   public have screamed “baby killer” at her as she walked to work in her   uniform. The study also discloses how servicemen and women face discrimination such as   being refused mortgages and even mobile phone contracts as a result of being   in the Armed Forces. – UK Telegraph


Brooklyn – ‘Orthodox Pundit’: Gestetner’s Anti-Lopez Articles Rooted in Disdain for Dems

The Orthodox Pundit Writes: Vito Lopez is surely runnin scared. Yossi Gestetner is after him. First It was with a brilliant ideological memo in regards to the Satmar camp dispute, lecturing him about the difference of a ‘democracy’ and ‘representative republic’, and now with an analysis that Vito’s power is eroding. Read more »


Chavez Sought Blessing from Munkatcher Rabbi in Exchange for Helping Ostreicher

Munkatcher Rabbi

Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader who is struggling with Cancer for more than a year now, sought the blessing from The Munkatcher Rabbi in Brooklyn.

Chavez himself did not visit the Rabbi. However a top Venezuela diplomat and lead Council official both slipped into the Rabbi’s house a while ago asking that the Rabbi should pray for Chavez’s well-being. The Rabbi in exchange asked that Venezuela, one of a few countries to have full contacts with Bolivia, should persuade Bolivia to free Jacob Ostreicher, the Jewish American businessman under arrest for almost a year now. Read more »


WSJ Video: Is U.S. Military Ready for Conflict With Iran?


SOURCES: Top U.S Diplomats Leaning on Bolivia Foreign Minister; UN Human Rights Commissioner Regarding Ostreicher

Sources closely informed of the developments surrounding the Jacob Ostreicher case tell Gestetner Updates that Senior State Department officials in the U.S. and the top U.S. diplomats in Bolivia have contacted the Foreigner Minister and Vice Foreign Minister of Bolivia to tell them in unambiguous terms that the U.S. government is following closely the well-being of Mr. Ostreicher. Read more »

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