BREITBART Headline: Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Judge Nominee [Who Led Rubashkin Raid as Assistant Prosecutor]

05/13/2012 11:39 PM

@AbieRubin from The Thinking Voter e-mailed me this story at Big Government (which is off of Breitbart): A former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Obama who


24 Hours Before Urgent Vote, Detracters Smear Orthodox Jewish School Board Members

05/13/2012 10:24 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Tax increases in the last three years are very low compared to the previous years, yet school graduation levels are very high compared to previous years.


Obama Heading to NYC on Monday to Deliver 1:00 PM Commencement Address

05/13/2012 8:11 PM Updated: 3 years ago

NY1 Reports: Arriving in the city late Monday morning, the president is slated to deliver the commencement address before 600 Barnard graduates at 1 p.m. Obama


Politico: Berman Has the Elite and Obama; Sherman Has the Masses

05/13/2012 7:12 PM

Politico Reports: Berman has won the unofficial primary among Hollywood and D.C.  elites, they say, but it’s Sherman who has the edge right now among voters who 


Political, Social turmoil worries Hungary’s Jews

05/13/2012 7:06 PM

The debate over anti-Semitism in Hungary has sharpened since the anti-Israel, anti-Jewish and anti-Roma (Gypsy) Jobbik movement entered Parliament two years ago as the country’s third


KOSHER IT IS: New York’s Kosher Label Law Upheld

05/13/2012 7:01 PM Updated: 3 years ago

JTA Via Forward Reports: New York’s kosher law, which regulates the labeling and marketing of kosher  food, does not violate the Constitution’s First Amendment, a federal


Brooklyn – For Dem Boss Lopez, Three-Way Races is Only Winning Strategy

05/13/2012 6:26 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Following our analysis last week of the eroding electoral power of NYS Assemblyman and Brooklyn Dem Boss Vito Lopez, some readers pointed out to me that


VIDEO: THIS Will Make Your Blood BOIL!!!

05/13/2012 2:27 PM Updated: 3 years ago

This is just crazy!!! Obama has a mortgage program to help homeowners whose houses are underwater. He claims people who bought house in the early 2000s


EXCLUSIVE: Read Letter from Foreign Relations Chair Senator Kerry to Sec of State Clinton Re Ostreicher

05/13/2012 1:28 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Elected officials of both parties have come under increased criticism from members of the Orthodox Jewish Community for apparently failing to assist Jacob Ostreicher who is


Seperated Jewish Couple Running Against Each Other for NY Assembly Seat

05/13/2012 12:35 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Yiddish Report flags this from the NYDN: The War of the Roses is erupting on Long Island, where a Nassau County man is  set to challenge


URGENT: Greece Prez to Meet with Neo-Nazis in Desperate Attempt to Form Gov

05/13/2012 9:29 AM Updated: 3 years ago

CNBC Reports: Leaders of the three biggest parties, each of whom had failed to form a government in the past week, convened at the presidential mansion,


‘The Nazis Have Returned to Greece… I witnessed My First Sieg Heil’

05/13/2012 7:22 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Christopher Humphrys Writes: My father-in-law remembers the Nazis. He lives across the road from us in downtown Athens now, but was brought up in the town


How Did JPMorgan Chase Loss $2 Billion in a Bad Bet?

05/13/2012 4:35 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Very simple. CNBC Explains: The failed hedge likely involved a bet on the flattening of a credit derivative curve, part of the CDX family of investment



05/13/2012 3:39 AM

A survey of more than 9,100 British servicemen discloses that almost one in five military personnel has been refused service in pubs, hotels and shops  because


Brooklyn – ‘Orthodox Pundit’: Gestetner’s Anti-Lopez Articles Rooted in Disdain for Dems

05/13/2012 2:31 AM

The Orthodox Pundit Writes: Vito Lopez is surely runnin scared. Yossi Gestetner is after him. First It was with a brilliant ideological memo in regards to


Chavez Sought Blessing from Munkatcher Rabbi in Exchange for Helping Ostreicher

05/13/2012 1:41 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Hugo Chavez, the crazed South American leader who is struggling with Cancer for more than a year now, sought the blessing from The Munkatcher Rabbi in


WSJ Video: Is U.S. Military Ready for Conflict With Iran?

05/13/2012 1:16 AM

SOURCES: Top U.S Diplomats Leaning on Bolivia Foreign Minister; UN Human Rights Commissioner Regarding Ostreicher

05/13/2012 12:07 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Sources closely informed of the developments surrounding the Jacob Ostreicher case tell Gestetner Updates that Senior State Department officials in the U.S. and the top U.S.

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