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PHOTO: Obama Sells Baby Undershirts Imprinted with “My Two Moms Support Obama”

Here is a link to the Obama Campaign Store. $20 a pop!



PHOTO: Buy a Baby Onesie From Obama Imprinted ‘My Two Dads Support Obama’


In “Apology,” Goldberg Stands by Ann-Nazi Comparison; Says it ‘Wasn’t Worth the Aggravation it Caused’

This is part of the apology by Michelle Goldberg after comparing Ann Romney’s praise of motherhood to Hitler and Stalin: I got into trouble, however, by saying that Romney’s closing lines, about how there is “no crown more glorious” than the “crown of motherhood,” reminded me of the pronatalist propaganda of World War II-era totalitarian regimes. That was a mistake. Not because I don’t think it’s true—when I read Romney’s words, I immediately thought of the “Motherhood Glory” medals that Stalin gave to women who had lots of children, and of the Nazi cult of motherhood, which Hitler called women’s “highest exaltation.” To me, bombastic odes to traditional maternity have a sinister ring, especially when they come from people who want to curtail women’s rights. But it was an offhand point, and one that wasn’t worth the aggravation it’s caused. I should have realized that right-wingers were going to pretend that I was saying that Romney is akin to two of the century’s most murderous tyrants.


Monsey, NY – Voter Intimidation Planned by Union-Backed Tax-Hiking Environmentalists in Tuesday’s Elections

Participants at a Monday evening meeting of Preserve Ramapo followers, Union activists, and rabble rousers in the East Ramapo Central School District, plotted a major Voter Intimidation campaign against Jewish voters during Tuesday’s School Board/Budget elections.

The above forces registered a countless amount of people as “Poll Watchers,” placing them next to voters with a “right” to raise objections to any person’s vote. Such votes may need to be placed “aside” until the dispute is settled. During the 2011 School Vote, poll watchers demanded that women with strollers or fathers with younger children should stay outside the voting buildings with the excuse that it’s not legal to enter. As a result, dozens of Jews were disenfranchised from voting. Read more »


Brooklyn GOP Chair Demands Storobin Be Seated After Failed Dem Attempt to Steal Election

Brooklyn GOP’s Russell Gallo Writes: Calling for “an end to litigation and continued foot-dragging,” Brooklyn Republican Chairman Craig Eaton urged State Democrats to concede defeat and allow the New York City Board of Elections to certify David Storobin as the new State Senator in the 27th District.

“The voters have spoken, and all the ballots have been counted,” said Eaton, “and way back in March of this year, ALMOST TWO MONTHS AGO, they chose David Storobin as their new State Senator by a 27-vote margin.” Read more »


SHAME ON YOU: Jewish Newsweek Columnist Likens Ann Romney to Stalin, Hitler!

RCP Reports on Michelle Goldberg, a Jewish Columnist for Newsweek: Goldberg found Ann Romney’s glowing praise of motherhood in a column she wrote for USA Today to be “kind of creepy.” During an appearance on MSNBC’s weekend program “Up with Chris Hayes,” Goldberg said the phrase “the crown of motherhood,” which Ann Romney used in her column, reminded her of “authoritarian societies” that give out awards for large families.

“In a lot ways, the column was totally anodyne, right? She’s, you know, yes, motherhood is beautiful. I found that phrase, ‘the crown of motherhood’ really kind of creepy. Not just because of it’s somewhat — you know, it’s kind of really authoritarian societies that give out like a Cross of Motherhood. They give out awards for big families,” Goldberg said on the program’s panel.

“You know, Stalin did it, Hitler did it,” she said.


Obama: Our First Gay-Female-Hispanic-Asian-Jewish President

Drudge flagged an Article from The Atlantic, which outlines that Newsweek placing Obama on the cover and calling him “the first gay President” is not the first “first” that was painted onto Obama. He was named all of the groups in the headline. To the left is one example:


Video: “60 Minutes” Reveals Clinton’s 1999 Refusal to Kill OBL


2006 FLASHBACK: Clinton Asks ABC to Remove OBL Failures From “Path to 9/11”

Following the 60 minutes report that Bill Clinton refused to let CIA agents in 1999 to capture OBL, I remembered the storm in 2006 when it was learned that ABC news removed from a two-part series a scene where Clinton’s Team (in a different situation than 1999) is passing on a certain chance of capturing Osama. In center of the failure was NS Advisor Sandy Berger. Here is the video that ABC deleted from official airing:


SHOCKING: ‘There Were no Ovens’ Says Leader of Sixth Strongest Party In Greece Elections

Reuters Reports: Greece’s government and Jewish community on Monday condemned the leader of a far-right party for saying there were no gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps. Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, whose Golden Dawn party became potential kingmakers after an inconclusive election on May 6, also challenged the view that six million Jews were killed in World War Two.

“There were no ovens, this is a lie … there were no gas chambers either,” Mihaloliakos said on Sunday in an interview on the private Mega television station. Golden Dawn, whose members give Nazi-style salutes, took nearly 7 percent of the vote in a surge for fringe parties opposed to austerity policies under Greece’s international bailout deal. Read more »


Video Ad: Romney Defends His Private Sector Experience


After Leading 39-0 a Month Ago Among Jewish Voters, Turner Now Tied at 16% in Senate Primary

In the Siena Poll a month ago, Congressman Bob Turner had the support of 39% Jewish voters in his three-way Republican U.S. Senate fight in New York. His two opponents had literally zero support among this politically-involved class. A month later, the numbers changed dramatically: Turned crashed from 39% to 16%, while one opponent, Attorney Wendy Long who also has the Conservative line, went up from zero to sixteen among Jewish Voters. The other candidate is still at zero.


Congressman Turner Has Limited Popularity Beyond Jewish Voters, Political Class

Despite the drama surrounding the NY9 Congressional Elections held last year August, a new poll suggests that an overwhelming number of New Yorkers have no clue who Congressman Bob Turner is.

According to today’s Siena poll, 72% surveyed don’t know or have no opinion on Mr. Turner, who is now in a three-way Republican Primary to the U.S. Senate in New York.

The good news however for Turner is that his two opponents are even less known in the State: One has a “No Opinion/Don’t Know” showing from eighty percent New Yorkers, while the other gets it from 81% polled.

The winner of the late June Primary will face Senator Gillibrand in November.


Obama’s Support Among NY Jews vs Romney Up Compared to April: Siena Poll

President Obama leads Mitt Romney among NY Jews 62-32; up from a smaller 50-45 lead back in April; the month tied as the third most expensive for prices at the pump for a regular gallon gas. Obama’s favorability rating among NY Jews is 61/33; a flip from Romney’s 35/58 rating among the same group. Interesting is, that 94% NY Jewish Republicans are enthusiastic with Mitt Romney’s White House run.

The stats were obtained by Jacob Kornbluh.


NY6 Video: Jewish House Candidate Kicks Iran Ball into American Court; Away From Israel

Rory Lancman is in a three-way Dem Primary for New York’s Sixth Congressional District.


JACOB OSTREICHER UPDATE: May 15 Court Date Postponed with New Judge at Helm

The court proceedings of Jacob Ostreicher, the Jewish American businessman under arrest in Bolivia since June 3, 2011, were expected to continue tomorrow, the 15th. However, with a new Judge appointed to the case and with some parties involved not ready yet for a court appearance, the court date was postponed.

Staff from the U.S. Council in Bolivia including their legal representative, are expected to attend in Court and report back to the State Department, who in turn is expected to update a dozen Congressional offices, including the office of Senator John Kerry, the Chairman of the Senator Foreign Relations Committee. Read more »


France – Hollande to be Inaugurated, Meet German’s Merkel on Tuesday

Tuesday is a big day for France-German relations. Francois Hollande will be inaugurated president, and announce his choice of prime minister. Just hours later he’ll meet Angela Merkel, marking the genesis of a new portmanteau. Goodbye Merkozy! Hello Merd*! While the relationship has had an inauspicious start, the signs are that it will go well, at least initially. Both leaders find themselves under pressure at home, but they need each other. “In terms of  economic performance, Germany holds all the cards. Politically, however,  Merkel is on the defensive. Overhanging Tuesday’s meeting is a mix of  hope and fear, ” says David Marsh of think tank the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum. – Masa Serdarevic, FT.Com


Congresswoman Hayworth Hits Obama on Women’s Issue Ahead of his Speech at Female-Only College

Writes Hayworth at RCP: Today President Obama addresses the graduating class of Barnard, the distinguished women’s college, at their commencement. I wonder if he will be honest about the dire economic future they face… Women have suffered in the job market of the past four years. Fewer of them are employed today than when President Obama first took office. Of the 572,000 jobs lost since his inauguration, 567,000 were held by women. Millions of women struggle to find work, while others have given up looking altogether. And Americans who do have jobs are working harder and getting paid less for it. The human toll of the weak economy is alarming. Last year, the poverty rate among women was the highest in 17 years, and more women than men are living in poverty. Read more »


STRONG NY Sun Editorial Defends Hynes; Rabbis, Agudath From Media Attacks

The Editors of the NY Sun Write: No one, least of all Orthodox Jews, denies that child molestation cases occur in the Jewish communities, just as they do in other religious and secular populations. The role of the rabbi when consulted in cases of suspected abuse, the executive vice president of the Aguda, David Zwiebel, wrote to the Times the other day, is “not to dissuade the individual from reporting to the secular authorities, but simply to ascertain that the suspicion meets a certain threshold of credibility.” No doubt this was the point Rabbi Zwiebel made to Mr. Hynes when, over the summer, the two met on this head.

According to the New York Times, the rabbi told the D.A. of the Aguda’s policy that members of the community first consult with a rabbi before going to the secular authorities. The D.A., according to the account in the Times, told the Aguda’s president that he “wouldn’t interfere with someone’s decision to consult with his or her rabbi about allegations of sexual abuse.” But, the Times continued, the district attorney also told the Aguda’s president that he “would expect that these allegations of criminal conduct be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.” Read more »


Republican Groups Join Forces To Attract Young Voters

The College Republican National Committee and the Young Republican National Federation and have partnered with American Crossroads and the Republican State Leadership Committee to launch an unprecedented youth initiative, Crossroads Generation, to mobilize young people for Republicans.

Crossroads Generation, which will be structured as an Independent Expenditure Only Committee, will begin with an initial $750,000 in start-up capital. The project is is funded through CRNC, RSLC, and American Crossroads, which have each contributed $250,000 to the project. Read more »


GOP Lawmakers: Romney Should Shame Obama With Israel Trip

The Hill reports: Mitt Romney should visit Israel soon, Republican lawmakers say, claiming that such a trip would highlight the fact that President Obama has not been there during his first term.

Congressional Republicans told The Hill that there would be many benefits for Romney should he go to Israel, explaining that it would both advance U.S.-Israeli relations and help him politically.

“It would be a good visit for him,” said National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas).

Romney, who has a decades-old friendship with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, has promised that Israel would be his first foreign trip as president. He has slammed Obama for “throwing Israel under the bus,” and when Netanyahu’s father died two weeks ago, his campaign made a point to send out a public letter extending his condolences. Read more »


Video: Former Obama Adviser Criticizes New Obama Ad ‘Romney Economics’


Video: Six-Minute Obama Ad Hits ‘Romney Economics’


Video: Web Ad Hits Felder for Being Opposite of NYS Senate Leader Skelos


Manchester Jews Angrily React to Boycott of Israeli Professor

Israel National News Reports: Manchester’s Jewish community has reacted in anger to a decision by the National Health Service (NHS) to cancel a planned address by an Israeli professor at an NHS Trust event in the city. Professor Moty Cristal, an Israeli expert on negotiating skills and crisis management, had been invited to lead a workshop in Manchester next week entitled, ‘The Role of Negotiation in Dealing With Conflict.’ Read more »

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