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Former Assistant D.A. Critisizes D.A. Hynes’ Policy

Arnold Kriss

A former Brooklyn assistant district attorney who unsuccessfully challenged longtime incumbent D.A. Charles Hynes in 2005 said Hynes made a “pact with the devil” by agreeing not to publicize the names of ultra-Orthodox child-sex offenders.

Arnold Kriss, now a lawyer in private practice, was reacting to a New York Times investigation into Hynes’ practice of not publicizing the names of defendants in child sex-abuse cases in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods.

Hynes told the Times he was doing this because revealing the defendants names would ultimately out the identity of the victims, due to the uniquely tight-knit nature of that community. The tactic has been criticized by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former mayor Ed Koch and several of the leading Democratic mayoral candidates. Read more »


Kruger Wants Kosher Meals In Prison

Disgraced former Brooklyn State senator, Carl Kruger, sentenced last month for seven years in jail for corruption and bribery charges, now wants to serve his prison sentence in Otisville, NY – for religious reasons, no less.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Jed Rakoff has forwarded a request sent by Kruger’s lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, to the Bureau of Prisons asking that the former state senator be sent to Otisville so he could have access to kosher food, the New York Post reported.

Judge Rakoff agreed to Kruger’s request to send him to Otisville “for religious and dietary reasons.”

The real motive of the rich politician is yet to be discovered, since of the 115 federal prisons, Otisville prison was named by the Forbes magazine as one of “America’s 10 Cushiest Prisons,” especially for observant Jewish inmates. Read more »


Mayor Koch Makes Robocalls For Rory Lancman in NY6

Politicker reports: Assemblyman Rory Lancman is going all out with former Mayor Ed Koch today. In addition to a press conference lampooning the status quo of Wall Street, a reader passes along a robocall Mr. Koch is doing on Mr. Lancman’s behalf.

“Hi, this is Ed Koch and I’m asking you to vote for my friend, Rory Lancman, for Congress,” he says in the call. “Rory Lancman served our country in the army and has been fighting for years to protect seniors and to hold Wall Street accountable and to level the economic playing field for you.” Read more »


For the Dow, ‘Recovery’ 2012 is Similar to Recession 2008

Excluding today’s numbers, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up only 1.89% for all of 2012. compare this to the same time in 2008, the Dow was down only 2.1%. It’s hard to argue that he first half of 2008 was the “end of the world” and 2012 is the third year into a recovery, when a swing of less than four percent separates the two years for the Dow. Have also in mind that in 2011, the Dow was up only 5.5% versus a 6.4% gain in 2007.


Rangel Wishes Obama Would Hug And Kiss Him

“Do you think you need the president’s support this time around, congressman?” CNN’s Ms. Phillips asked. “Of course not,” Mr. Rangel replied, before quickly adding, “I would welcome it. But what did he really say, that I reached the end of my career. I’ve been here for 41 years, now going on 42. That he wished I leave with dignity. I have no question that I will and his wishes will be fulfilled. What did he say that was so derogatory if you take the words? Now, true, he didn’t hug and kiss me like I wish he would, but I don’t have any problem.” – Politicker

Is Rangel coming or going? (Dale Stephanos Illustration for the NY Observer)


Politifact: Biden’s Statement That Bush Did Zero Against Iran is False

Politifact hits VP Biden for saying last week that there was no pressure against Iran when Bush left office: “It is true that multiple Security Council resolutions were passed during the Bush administration, but they only targeted specific individuals and companies involved in the Iranian nuclear program,” Beardsley, whose research includes the influence of U.N. Security Council resolutions, told us via email. “In contrast, U.N. Resolution 1929 (2010) imposes more general sanctions on Iranian arms, and the E.U. decided this year to impose an embargo on Iranian oil. A number of other countries have also increased their own bilateral sanctions against Iran in recent years.”

 Biden would have had a strong case for high marks on the Truth-O-Meter if he said what appeared to be his main point: the Obama administration has prodded the rest of the world to be tougher on Iran. But there is a disconnect with what the vice president actually said and U.N. resolutions passed against Iran during the Bush administration. The resolutions seem to be a little more than “virtually no international pressure on Iran.”  We rate Biden’s statement False.


Video: Muslim Brotherhood in America

David Horowitz sepaks about a new book “Muslim Brotherhood in America”


Number 2 Dem House Leader Hoyer Praises Berman for Israel Work

Ron Kampeas Writes: We’ve covered the southern California face-off between Jewish Democratic Reps. Howard Berman and Brad Sherman. We’ve also noted how in ways subtle and not so, the House leadership has indicated it favors Berman, the senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. And how both congressmen are vying hard for pro-Israel money. Read more »


Charles Hynes Op-Ed in NYDN: ‘Its Obsurd To Say I Cover Up Orthodox Offenders’

Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes penned this Op-Ed in the NY Daily News: A person with knowledge of a crime should report that information to law enforcement authorities. There is no alternative. It is a civic duty, and in some cases, it’s the law.

In 2009, concerned that sex abuse was going unreported in the Orthodox Jewish community, I started Kol Tzedek (Voice of Justice), a program to address this problem.

From when I took office as district attorney in 1990 until the creation of Kol Tzedek, my prosecutors handled only a few cases a year of sex abuse in that community. Since the inception of Kol Tzedek, we have made 95 arrests; 53 cases have been adjudicated, with a conviction rate of 72%. Read more »


Haaretz Editor: ‘Reelected Obama Will Return to his Pet Issue: Palestinian Independence’

With President Obama running for re-election, the two leaders [Bibi, Obama] were probably fated to soon find themselves in a showdown in any case. A reelected Obama will probably return to his pet issue, Palestinian independence, and apply stronger pressure on Netanyahu to curb settlement expansion. But in the absence of assurances from Washington, Netanyahu will be tempted to act upon his “second Holocaust” warnings and attack Iran unilaterally, without American consent. His bolstered domestic political leverage has only made that prospect seem more attractive. – Aluf Benn, EIC of Haaretz


Oil Slips Below $91.90 as DXY Rises to 81.57

Yes, when the Dollar Index (DXY) rises, oil prices tend to drift lower since oil is traded on the Greenback, and the more value a dollar buys around the globe, the less there is a need to charge for commodities. Add this to the ongoing growth concerns out of China; the mess in Europe, and the price of oil takes a hit: As of 3:30 AM in NY, oil in electronic trading slipped under $92 a barrel. It was at $105 a mere three weeks ago.


BLEEDING: HSI Tumbles THREE PERCENT; European 2012 Stock Gains WIPED OUT!

Asia’s stock markets tumbled in a broad-based sell-off on Wednesday as investors reacted to news that Greece’s political impasse would force new elections in the country by dumping equities. The Greek news overcame relatively positive U.S. economic data to send the Dow Jones Industrial Average to near a four-month low Tuesday, offering a negative lead for the Asia markets. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index was among the region’s worst performers Wednesday, plunging 2.8%, with Sullivan citing the Hong Kong market’s relatively high liquidity as making it relatively easy to sell out of. – Market Watch

Elsewhere, Oil slipped to $92.13 in overnight electronic trading; while the European markets opened 3:00 AM New York time, drifting into territory not seen since December 2011. Also, the KOPSI in South Korea closed lower Wednesday more than 3.2%. All this is good news compared to Greece: The markets there are trading in levels not seen since… 1992!


Brooklyn – The Battle of Billyburg: Young Restler vs. Dem Boss Lopez

Colin Campbell Writes: “Look, this election is a whole lot bigger than just one person, especially a little guy like me who needs to stand on this chair,” 28-year-old Lincoln Restler declared as he artificially towered over a packed room at the Brooklyn Winery in Williamsburg a couple of weeks ago. “The machine has their candidate, they’re going to pour all of the resources they’ve got into this district leader race. But, for every hack elected official that they’ve got on payroll, we’re going to have to reach out to 10 of our neighbors.”

The “machine” in this case is the Kings County Democratic Party and its chair, Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Mr. Restler sees his re-election campaign as a critical aspect of the effort to topple what he describes as the corrupt status quo in Mr. Lopez’s organization. Read more »


Is Deb Fisher Jewish?

Deb Fisher, the Palin-backed candidate who won last night the GOP Primary to the U.S. Senate in Nebrska, is not Jewish; based on the research I have done. If you know otherwise, drop me a note.


Monsey, NY – Final Numbers of School Board/Budget Vote

15,049 people voted in the School Board elections in the East Ramapo Central School District: 7,798 voted no on the budget; 5,742 voted yes; while 1,509 were under votes (2/3 of them likely non-Jewish voters who out of peer pressure do not want to “join the Jews” in the budget fight, yet don’t want to see their tax going up either).

In percentage, the budget was defeated by 57.5 vs 42.5%.

Salamon won 8,343 Votes vs 6,181. Lefkowitz 8,355 vs 6,214. Rothman defeated an incumbent 8,410 – 6,233.

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