Politifact: Biden’s Statement That Bush Did Zero Against Iran is False

Politifact hits VP Biden for saying last week that there was no pressure against Iran when Bush left office: “It is true that multiple Security Council resolutions were passed during the Bush administration, but they only targeted specific individuals and companies involved in the Iranian nuclear program,” Beardsley, whose research includes the influence of U.N. Security Council resolutions, told us via email. “In contrast, U.N. Resolution 1929 (2010) imposes more general sanctions on Iranian arms, and the E.U. decided this year to impose an embargo on Iranian oil. A number of other countries have also increased their own bilateral sanctions against Iran in recent years.”

 Biden would have had a strong case for high marks on the Truth-O-Meter if he said what appeared to be his main point: the Obama administration has prodded the rest of the world to be tougher on Iran. But there is a disconnect with what the vice president actually said and U.N. resolutions passed against Iran during the Bush administration. The resolutions seem to be a little more than “virtually no international pressure on Iran.”  We rate Biden’s statement False.

05/16/2012 2:14 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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