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NY1 – GOP Primay Opponent Drops Race Against Jewish Candidate Altschuler


NY6 – Lancman Rips Crowley for Calling Israel Issue ‘A Distraction’

Assemblyman Lancman

Rory Lancman Writes in a Press Release: Given the extraordinary threat that Israel faces from her neighbors, I was shocked to open up the New York Times yesterday to find one of the candidates for New York’s 6th Congressional District, Liz Crowley, called Israel “a distraction.

This is a wake-up call to the Jewish community that despite the Iranian nuclear threat, the growing Islamist movement in Egypt, the virtual civil war in Syria and the continuous rocket attacks from Gaza, there are still some who do not take threats to Israel seriously.

This flippant attitude towards Israel’s safety and security shows that certain candidates in Queens are simply not fit for the responsibilities of national office. We need someone in Congress who truly understands the threat faced by Israel and the United States, and who has the record to back it up.


NJ9 – Lead Dems Ganging up Against Jewish Congressman Rothman in Tough Primary

Former Prez Clinton; Dem Senate Leader Reid; Number Three House Dem Clyburn are Backing him. Obama’s Axelrod is Backing Rothman

Roll Call Reports: Party leaders are quickly wading into New Jersey’s Democratic incumbent-vs.-incumbent grudge match between Reps. Bill Pascrell and Steven Rothman, with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joining a growing number of top Democrats throwing their financial weight behind Pascrell’s campaign.

On Tuesday, the Nevada Democrat donated $5,000 to Pascrell’s campaign through his Searchlight Leadership Fund PAC, joining House Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn (S.C.) and House Democratic Caucus Chairman John Larson (Conn.).

Larson kicked in $2,000 to Pascrell’s campaign Dec. 31, while Clyburn donated $7,000 total from his campaign fund and PAC earlier this month. The two incumbents face off June 5 for supremacy over their northern New Jersey district.

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CA30 – Berman Sees Israeli visa Expansion as Job Creator for US

The Hill: House Foreign Affairs Committee ranking member Howard Berman (D-Calif.) says passage of a bill allowing Israeli investors to travel to the United States will help create jobs in the United States, and praised the Senate for passing it Thursday night. “This bill sends enterprising Israeli investors a clear and unambiguous message: the United States is open for business,” Berman said. “The expansion of Israeli enterprises here will result in job creation for American workers.”

Berman’s bill, H.R. 3992, passed the House in a 371-0 vote in March and passed the Senate by unanimous consent Thursday evening. It grants Israeli nationals access to temporary E-2 visas, which investors can use to travel to the United States to explore business opportunities.


Opinion: Lancman From NY6 Wants to Be Next Queens Liberal Lion In Congress

Colby Hamilton has this hit-piece against NYS Assemblyman Rory Lancman, who is in a three-way Primary for NY6: In conversations about Lancman, it’s not uncommon for people to fall into non-attribution mode right before things like this get said: he’s self-serving, he’s entirely focused on his own self-promotion, he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, he lacks introspection.

Or, as one of his assembly colleagues not from Queens put it: “Rory’s probably the most hated member of the state assembly.” Read more »


NJ9 – Bill Clinton to Campaign in NJ for Pascrell vs. Rothman

A spokesman for the Congressman’s campaign said Friday that Clinton would travel to New Jersey on June 1 to campaign for Pascrell, whom Clinton officially endorsed earlier this month. The spokesman, Sean Darcy, said addition details were “forthcoming.” Pascrell is in the middle of a heated primary race against fellow incumbent Democrat Steve Rothman, and has frequently cited Clinton’s endorsement in recent debates. Clinton described the Congressman as “the fighter we need to support. – NJ.Com


Nydia Velázquez Mailer in NY7


Credit Collin Cambell


How Much Did Spending Increase Under President Obama?

Obama became President January 2009; almost four months into the Fiscal Year 2009 budget. But even if  you take all of the FY2009 outlays and blame it on Bush – which would  include the second half of TARP that Obama requested; most of the Auto Bailout  which Obama pushed; The Mortgage/Loan Medication Program; The Omnibus Spending Bill signed by  Obama March 2009; The Stimulus Bill, and the S-CHIP expansion – take all of this and place it on Bush, spending is still up by almost 24% in Obama’s first term versus Bush’s last:

Total  outlays in the four Budget years ending and including FY2009 was $11.882  trillion dollars. Total spending for the following four years will total approximately  $14.645 trillion dollars. This, my friends, is an increase of almost  24%.

(The above is part of an article I wrote for American Thinker.)

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