Ben Shapiro, William Daroff Concur with Gestetner on Poles’ Outrage to Obama

In the early morning, our Yossi Gestetner wrote an article outlining that while Obama was factually wrong with naming the Nazi killing machine as the “Polish Death Camps,” the Poles have a lot of Jewish blood on their hands.

Ben Shapiro, the Editor of the Breitbart empire tweeted this afternoon: “Obama was wrong about the “Polish death camps.” But note that the Polish population was hardly blameless with the death camps.”

BuzzFeed reports this afternoon: “Methinks the Poles doth protest too much about this ‘controversy,'” said William Daroff, Vice President for Public Policy of the Jewish Federations of North America. “Hiding behind the crimes of the Nazis does not lessen the fact that Polish anti-Semitism has hundreds of years of murderous history. Pogroms occurred before the Nazis occupied Poland, and they occurred after the Nazis were defeated.”

05/30/2012 3:35 PM by Guest Author

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