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NY7 – ‘This is a Real Kick in the Teeth to’ Dem Party Boss Lopez

Late Saturday afternoon, the press caught onto a story I broke a few days earlier (Thursday early morning at 1:15, I tweeted “EXCLUSIVE: Schumer, Speaker Silver, Bklyn Borough Prez Markowitz 2 hold joint endorsement event 4 Velázquez in ‪#NY7.”  On Friday, 2:23 PM I Tweeted “Jerry Nadler confirmed to be by Nydia Velazquez campaign endorsement event with Schumer and Silver”). One of the reports came from the NY Post: Read more »


NY8 Report: Ed Towns, Representing Hasidim, to Endorse Racist Barron vs. Jeffries

Sit down. Grab a cup of coffee. Relax yourself. I am going to take you on a ride through East New York politics. After a week of increasingly insistent rumors that Ed Towns is going to endorse Charles Barron for the 8th Congressional seat, the formal announcement has been made. The endorsement will take place on Monday. I present to you the unofficial backdrop. – Mary Miller, Room Eight


Odd: Dem Felder Claims he Backed Obama in Primary to Help Republican McCain

City and State: Brooklyn Republican activist/blogger Jacob Kornbluh catches an interesting comment from Democratic (and possibly Republican?) Brooklyn Senate candidate Simcha Felder, who recently gave the Hebrew-language magazine Bakehilaa very complex explanation for his vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary for then-Sen. Barack Obama.

“I was supportive of Senator John McCain for President…The Presumed assumption was, that Hillary Clinton would of been the toughest candidate McCain could of faced…At the time, nobody foresaw Obama’s victory. His candidacy was perceived as an absolute bizarre race.  My strategy was, that if the Democrats pick Obama as their presidential nominee, we would ultimately hand over for John McCain the presidency on a golden plate, facing a challenge by a ‘non serious’ candidate. At the end I noticed that I was a little too over-smart.” Read more »


US, Iran Dig-in for Long Cyber War

AFP Reports: The United States and Iran are locked in a long-running cyber war that appears to be escalating amid a stalemate over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program.

The Flame virus that surfaced recently may be part of the face-off, but Washington probably has more sophisticated tools at its disposal, security specialists say.

“Large nations with large spy agencies have been using these kinds of techniques for more than a decade,” said James Lewis, a senior fellow who monitors technology at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington. Read more »


Video: Stewart Pokes Bloomberg Regarding Soda Ban


NJ9 Vote This Tuesday – Rothman Met Obama Friday While Bill Clinton Backs Pascrell

USA Today Reports: The two presidents are divided in a fight pitting Reps. Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman in a bruising battle for the June 5 primary.In 2008, Rothman endorsed Obama while Pascrell was a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter. Four years later, Obama and Clinton are returning the favor to their respective House allies.

Though Obama has stopped short of a public endorsement in a race pitting two Democratic incumbents against each other, Rothman met privately with the president at the White House on Friday. Read more »


NYT Blames ‘Europe, China and Congress’ for Bad Economy

NYT Writes: The bleak jobs report on Friday predictably had heads snapping toward the White House, looking to President Obama to do something. Yet his proposed remedies only underscore how much the president, just five months before he faces voters, is at the mercy of actors in Europe, China and Congress whose political interests often conflict with his own. Read more »


VIDEO: Chaotic Scenes as Mubarak Sentenced to Life Instead of Death

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