Odd: Dem Felder Claims he Backed Obama in Primary to Help Republican McCain

City and State: Brooklyn Republican activist/blogger Jacob Kornbluh catches an interesting comment from Democratic (and possibly Republican?) Brooklyn Senate candidate Simcha Felder, who recently gave the Hebrew-language magazine Bakehilaa very complex explanation for his vote in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary for then-Sen. Barack Obama.

“I was supportive of Senator John McCain for President…The Presumed assumption was, that Hillary Clinton would of been the toughest candidate McCain could of faced…At the time, nobody foresaw Obama’s victory. His candidacy was perceived as an absolute bizarre race.  My strategy was, that if the Democrats pick Obama as their presidential nominee, we would ultimately hand over for John McCain the presidency on a golden plate, facing a challenge by a ‘non serious’ candidate. At the end I noticed that I was a little too over-smart.”

As Kornbluh notes, Felder gave a different reason for voting for Obama in 2008, back when he was running a primary against Democratic State Sen. Kevin Parker, in a district with a sizable African-American population.

Now, Obama is quite unpopular among Orthodox Jews now, and Felder (running in the so-called Super Jewish district) recently told City & State that he regretted the vote, and that Obama has been a “terrible” president. Felder says he won’t be voting for Obama in 2012.

06/02/2012 10:51 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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