Asian Stocks Down 2% Monday After Friday Jobs Report

06/03/2012 11:18 PM

The FTSE CNBC Asia 100 Index, which measures markets across Asia, shed 1.8 percent.bJapan’s Nikkei average shed 1.9 percent at the open to 8,278.65, while the

Nadler Gillibrand 0

PHOTO: Senator Gillibrand, Congressman Nadler at Masbia in Brooklyn

06/03/2012 11:10 PM

Tuesday’s NJ9 Primary – A Dilemma for the Districts’ Jews and Arabs

06/03/2012 11:00 PM Updated: 3 years ago

The Dem Primary in New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District between Congressmen Steve Rothman and Bill Pascrell, presents a major dilemma for the approximately two thousand Jews


NY7 – Top NY Dems Endorse Rep. Velazquez vs. Brooklyn Dem Boss-Backed Eric Dilan

06/03/2012 4:40 PM

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez picked up endorsements from three top state Democrats — Senator Charles Schumer, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler — in her


Report: Ohio Jews Poised For Big Impact In November

06/03/2012 4:23 PM

TJW Reports: To hear Julius Kassar describe it, the Jewish vote in Ohio could prove pivotal in order for Romney to capture this state and perhaps


NY8 – Hikind: Towns Endorsement Of Barron Slap In Face For Jews

06/03/2012 3:30 PM

Hikind PR Via VIN News: “Ed Towns has either gone mad or this is a belated April Fools joke in terrible taste,” said Hikind. “Our communities


Using “Averages” to Skew Romney’s Job Record in MA

06/03/2012 3:21 PM Updated: 3 years ago

When Romney came into office in 2003, MA was number 51 (after DC) in job growth. When he left office four years later MA was number 30


Video: Romney Backer Debunks Dem Line that “MA Was number 48 in Job Creation Under Romney”

06/03/2012 3:03 PM Updated: 3 years ago

FIVE Reasons Why “Romneys” Konarka is Not the Same as Obama’s Solyndra

06/03/2012 2:52 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Yes, the Green Energy firm Konarka went under a few days ago in Massachusetts but here are the differences between Romney investing in it as Governor


THIS TUESDAY: Two Jews, One Congressional Seat – CA30

06/03/2012 8:27 AM Updated: 3 years ago

The Daily Beast Reports: In an accident of redistricting following the 2010 Census, two popular Democratic congressmen with 44 years’ combined tenure are locked in a


VIDEO: Why Obama Hates Bill Clinton

06/03/2012 7:25 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Obama is ‘George W. Bush on Steroids’

06/03/2012 6:16 AM

U.K. Guardian Reports: Obama has presided over a massive expansion of secret surveillance of American citizens by the National Security Agency. He has launched a ferocious and


Khamenei: ‘West Talks of Nuclear Iran to Hide Own Problems’

06/03/2012 6:10 AM

Reuters Via CNBC: Iran’s ruling cleric, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Sunday accused the United States and its allies of lying about the threat of a nuclear


How Much Did the Auto Bailout Cost as of June 2012?

06/03/2012 3:42 AM

Here are the raw numbers of the auto industry bailout as of Wednesday May 30 2012: $79.69 billion was directly outlaid by the government. $35.18 billion


Gas Prices Are the Silver Lining as Economy Weakens

06/03/2012 12:29 AM Updated: 3 years ago

AP Via CNBC: A plunge in oil prices has knocked more than 30 cents off the price of a gallon of gas in most parts of

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