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CA30 – Primary Results of Obama-Backed Berman vs. Sherman Race (Both Jewish)

Both won the most votes of all the candidates in this open Primary process. As a result both are facing off again in November. Obama-backed Berman came in behind Sherman.


PHOTO: Face of WeGotEd Schultz from MSNBC After Walker Wins WIRecall


NJ9 – Obama-Backed Rothman Gets Wiped Out of Congress by Pascrell

Clinton-backed, Arab-Friendly, early Rubashkin defender Congressman Bill Pascrell wiped the floor with Obama-backed Steve Rothman. At 10:40 PM Rothman conceded after he won only 35% of the vote with 90% precincts counted. Now Rabbi Shmuley will face off Pascrell in November as the Republican in the race.

UPDATE 11:15 PM: With 95.5% reporting according to AP, Pascrell won 61.3% of the vote (30,218 vots) versus 38.7% (19,078 votes) for Rothman.

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Photo: Felder, Volunteers Kick-off Super Jewish Petition Process


NJ9 Video: Pascrell Voting Today in his Own Primary vs Rothman


NJ9 Video: Rothman Voting Today in his Own Primary vs Parscell


NY8 – Video: Jeffries Pushing to Reduce Marijuana Arrests


The 2001 NY Times Article that Contradicts the NYT of 2012 Regarding Helbrans of 1994

NYT Columnist Michael Powell has today an article of how Brooklyn DA Hynes tried to get Rabbi Helbrans off kidnapping charges in of a thirteen year old boy in 1994. At the end of the day Helbrans was found guilty, which retroactively proves that Mr. Hynes dealt with favoritism in this case by trying to get it off the criminal system. But then again, Mr. Powell fails to mention that the boy – who came from a messed-up home – told the… NEW YORK TIMES in 2001 at age 21, that he was never kidnapped; which retroactively may explain Hynes’ hesitation to prosecute this case.

Here is the NYT article from April 11, 2011 written by long-time reporter Joseph P. Fried: Read more »


NY8 – Open Letter to Congressman Towns from Jewish Community Advocates Goldenberg and Bennett

Dear Congressman Towns,

We were truly disappointed to read about your endorsement of Charles Barron for the congressional seat you have held.

While we always considered you a friend of our Community, by endorsing Charles Barron, your legacy is now tarnished. Sadly you will now be remembered as the person who endorsed Charles Barron, a man who does not deserve to be on the city council, let alone representing New Yorkers in the US Congress. By all accounts, even you know this. Read more »


Brooklyn – Hikind Did Not Attend the Swearing-in of Storobin. Here is Why

Assemblyman Dov Hikind was in Albany yesterday but despite invitation did not attend the swearing-in of David Storobin who recently won the State Senate District 27 Special Election; a seat that represents Hikind’s neighborhood.

Some insiders were “schmoozing” that Hikind snubbed Storobin because Hikind is backing Simcha Felder for the new Super Jewish District; one which will replace the 27’Th seat and one where Storobin will according to some likely be a candidate on the Republican line. But Hikind tells Gestetner Updates that this assertion is patently false. Said Hikind: Read more »


CA30, NJ9, WIrecall – The Three “Jewish” Elections to Follow Today

First is of course the Wisconsin Recall against the Republican Governor Scott Walker. While little attention was given to Jewish Voters in the state during this $63.5 million battle, the results of today’s elections is being followed closely by Jews in the state and beyond; largely in the context what it means for Obama in November.

The other election is the brutal fight between two Jewish Dem Congressmen in California. The Sherman-Berman race as it became known. Neither of those two had major national prominence before they were place in one District following redistricting. But today the show is on which of the two will pull out ahead. Read more »


As a Dem Congressman, Pelosi’s Father Fought for Jews Against Dem Prez Roosevelt

To many Jewish Republicans, the current House Leader Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is a Lib powerhouse from San Francisco. But something quite admiring came to light these days in the context of the Friedlander Group’s work to commemorate the efforts of Raoul Wallenberg during WWII which saved thousands of Jews.

“It is not well known but Pelosi grew up in a family that was extremely active in highlighting the plight of European Jewry. Her father was Thomas J. D’Alesandro, Jr. was a U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 3rd congressional district and subsequently the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland and throughout her career has consistently been supportive of Jewish concerns and the State of Israel” said Ezra Friedlander in praise of Pelosi’s work to help the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Celebration Commission. Read more »


NYT: Police vs. Hynes in ’94 Brooklyn Kidnapping Case Against Helbrans

In 1994, William Plackenmeyer was a New York Police Department division commander in Borough Park, home to one of the city’s fastest growing ultra-Orthodox communities, and a key voting bloc for Mr. Hynes.

A few years earlier, a charismatic ultra-Orthodox rabbi, Shlomo Helbrans, had agreed to tutor an Israeli couple’s 13-year-old boy, Shai Fhima Reuven, in preparation for his bar mitzvah.

Instead, the rabbi kidnapped the boy and persuaded him to reject his family and embrace a zealous form of Hasidism. The police had the rabbi cornered. But the Brooklyn district attorney’s office did not want a confrontation; they argued that Shai was just a runaway. Read more »

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