NY7 – Dilan Says Started Run on his Own; Asked for Lopez Support Only Later

06/06/2012 7:27 PM

“I decided to run on my own,” the city councilman said, adding that he’s had a successful record on council issues from housing to job creation


NY7 – Jewish Press Editors Back Dilan vs. Vulasquez

06/06/2012 7:14 PM

From TJP: The Jewish Press endorses Erik Martin Dilan in the June 26 Democratic primary election in the 7th Congressional district. The district consists of Little


NYC Seceding from NYS “Certainly Has Merit,” According to Simcha Felder in 2008

06/06/2012 7:04 PM

Jacob Kornblue flags this NY Sun story from late 2008: Simcha Felder, who chairs the Governmental Operations committee, said the bill will be considered this year.

Parcell_V_Boteach 1

PHOTO: Jewish Press Places Shirtless “America’s Rabbi” Shmuley in Boxing Gear Vs. “True Arab” Pascrell

06/06/2012 6:43 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Report: 20 Year-Old Abraham Tischler Moving Ahead With Dem State Senate Race vs. Felder

06/06/2012 3:16 PM Updated: 3 years ago

According to a tipster in the district — often referred to as the “Super Jewish” seat — Mr. Tischler is “full force ahead” and has a


Member of Sub-Committee Congressman Turner Demands Answers at Ostreicher Hearing

06/06/2012 12:53 PM

“I recently had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Ostreicher, talk about her family’s tragic situation, and get a better understanding of what they are going


Text of Congresswoman Velazquez’s Statement at the Jacob Ostreicher Hearing

06/06/2012 12:46 PM Updated: 3 years ago

Today, Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) participated  in a House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee hearing on the case of Jacob  Ostreicher.  While Velázquez does not  serve on


AUDIO: Rumsfeld Says Israel Can’t Trust Obama

06/06/2012 11:09 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld tells Hugh Hewitt that the Israel government can’t trust that the Obama Administration would not leak information regarding an impending strike


LIVE: Video Stream of the Jacob Ostreicher Hearing

06/06/2012 10:54 AM Updated: 3 years ago

If below does not work, try this direct link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/hclive04 Stream videos at Ustream


Israel – Mofaz Lines up Votes as Lieberman, Netanyahu to Fire Ministers Who Don’t Get in Line

06/06/2012 3:43 AM Updated: 3 years ago

JPost Reports: Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Wednesday threw his weight behind Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s plan to evacuate the Ulpana outpost. Liberman said that his


Democrats Lead Key WI State Senate Seat (SD21) by 779 Votes

06/06/2012 3:03 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Total votes cast was 71,731. The count is with 100% precincts reporting but it is no yet certified. Democrat John Lehman has 36,255 votes, and Republican Van


WIDems Claim to Have Won Control of State Senate by Very Slim Margin on One Seat

06/06/2012 2:12 AM Updated: 3 years ago

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee posed this on its website 1:53 am (with 98% reporting and its candidate at 34,905 vs 34,080 for the Republican): The DLCC Executive Director


NJ9 – Rothman Says Loss Ends More Than 25 Years in Politics

06/06/2012 1:44 AM

“I hope to be of service to my community and my country,” Rothman told supporters Tuesday evening. “I don’t believe I’ll be running for political office


Obama Meets Orthodox Jewish Leaders Same Day he Delayed U.S. Embassy Move to J’lem

06/06/2012 1:09 AM

On the day leaders from the Orthodox Union (OU) met Obama at the White House, we get this story from the JTA: President Obama extended a


Obama Campaign: ‘Strong Message’ Sent to Walker

06/06/2012 12:48 AM Updated: 3 years ago

The Obama campaign — which has largely kept President Obama himself out of the Wisconsin recall election — puts out a statement saying that a message


FLASHBACK to Buzzfeed’s John Ellis June 1st Article

06/06/2012 12:32 AM Updated: 3 years ago

Many Liberal such as the Editor from Political Wire ran the following post from John Ellis likly because they thought Walker will not win by more than

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