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54% Abuse Cases in America Never Get Reported; Only 12% are Arrested; Only 3% Get Prison!

How many times have you read in recent months that very few abuse cases in the Orthodox Jewish Community make it to Police? Well, RAINN.Org estimates that 54% of rape/sexual assaults in the secular street never get reported to the Police! Worse, only 12 out of hundred rapes in the secular street leads to an arrest; only nine are prosecuted; only five are convicted and only THREE out of hundred actually spend time in prison!

Last I checked, almost half of the Hundred Orthodox Jews arrested by the Brooklyn DA on abuse charges, were found or pleaded guilty to a crime. So even if you want to claim that the cases that actually get to the DA are only a fraction of the real Orthodox Jewish crimes, the percent convictions (successful cases) among those arrested appears to be higher than in the secular street. (You get only five convictions out of twelve arrests in the secular street, vs. 47 convictions out of 100 arrests in the Orthodox Jewish street.)


Brooklyn – Guess What Percent Abuse Cases are From the Ultra Orthodox Community…

The argument by detractors is that the abuse problem in the Orthodox Jewish Community in NYC is actually rampant but because they are concealed by mafia like tactics, very few cases get to the Police even after the Kol Tzedek program was implemented a few years ago. But for what it is worth, only “100 of the total 5,389 cases in the borough [Since K”T] have come from the ultra-orthodox community,” reports the AP in the name of the District Attorney’s office. This is 1.86% in a Borough where Orthodox Jews are probably ten percent of the overall population.


Israeli, Palestinian Negotiators Quietly Meet

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have been meeting quietly in recent weeks in hopes of ending a three-year standstill in peace efforts, both sides confirmed Sunday. Officials acknowledged the agenda of the recent talks has been modest, and stressed there is no breakthrough in sight. Nonetheless, the revelations gave a small sign of hope that a formula can be found to restart formal negotiations addressing core issues. – AP Via CNSNews


ERCSD – New York AG Investigating Sale of Schools by Majority Hasidic Board

The East Ramapo school district last week handed over the last of thousands of emails and other records related to the attempted sale and current leases of two school buildings after the state Attorney General’s Office subpoenaed the district earlier this year, school officials say.

District Clerk Cathy Russell said Friday that the Attorney General’s Office contacted the district in February requesting documents about the state-blocked sales of Hillcrest and Colton elementary schools. Read more »


REPORTS: Mossad Disputes NYT Version of Viruses Used Against Iran

Israeli officials who were placed at risk by the Obama administration’s leaks about the Stuxnet virus are disputing American claims that the cyber-weapon was jointly developed by the U.S. and Israel. Rather, they say, Israeli intelligence first started developing cyberspace warfare against Iran, only convincing the U.S.–with some difficulty–to join in. The Israelis allege that President Barack Obama claimed credit for Stuxnet to boost his re-election campaign. Read more »


Video – Brooklyn DA Hynes Speaks at Abuse Forum in Crown Heights


Le Pen to Sue French-Jewish Philosopher for Libel

A lawyer for Marine Le Pen said  the leader of the French far right will sue French-Jewish philosopher  Bernard-Henri Levy for libel. Wallerand de Saint-Just said he would submit a libel suit on behalf of Le Pen, president of the National Front party,  to the Paris Magistrate’s Court next week. Levy in an article originally published on the website La Regle du Jeu had suggested that Le Pen may bear some responsibility for attacks against Jews because of her alleged penchant for habitually mocking Jewish-sounding names in meetings. – JTA


NJ9 Photos – Dennis Prager Among the Many Dozens at Kick-Off of Rabbi Shmuley’s Campaign

The event took place today afternoon from 1:00 through 3:00 PM in Engelwood, NJ. Read more »


NJ9 – Pascrell Accepts Shabbos Meal Invite from Rabbi Shmuley

GOP Congressional Candidate Rabbi Shmuley Boteach wrote at the Huff Post Friday afternoon that he invited Congressman Bill Pascrell for a Shabbos meal at his home. Today Sunday afternoon after the campaign kick-off on the lawn of Rabbi Shmuley’s house, Rabbi Shmuley said – on a question from a PolitickerNJ reporter – that indeed Mr. Pascrell accepted the invite when the two candidates spoke Friday afternoon.


Caroline Glick: Rothman Defeat IN NJ9 ‘Owed in Large Part to Openly Anti-Semitic Activism’

Writes Glick: Rothman is Jewish and a strong supporter of Israel. His defeat at the polls in New Jersey by Rep. Bill Pascrell owed in large part to openly anti-Semitic activism by Pascrell’s Muslim supporters.

According to an investigative report of the primary campaign by the Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo, in February Pascrell’s Muslim supporters began castigating Rothman and his supporters as disloyal Americans beholden only to Israel.

Aref Assaf, president of the New Jersey-based American Arab Forum, published a column in the Newark Star Ledger titled, “Rothman is Israel’s Man in District 9.” He wrote, “As total and blind support becomes the only reason for choosing Rothman, voters who do not view the elections in this prism will need to take notice. Loyalty to a foreign flag is not loyalty to America’s [flag].” Read more »


WH2012 – The Hopes of the Romney Campaign for Jewish Votes

Following is a portion of the Q&A that Haaretz had with Richard Williamson, an adviser to the Romney campaign. Read more »


Ed Koch Says Obama Should Go “Bold,” Backs Charlie Rangel

Roll Call Reports: Former New York Mayor Ed Koch (D) strongly backed the re-election of Barack Obama in an interview Friday, but worried about the Democrat’s prospects if the president didn’t propose something big.

“Bold,” Koch explained. “That’s what’s required on the part of the president. Because there’s no question, at this moment, if Romney and he are neck and neck, which is what the polls show, the president is in trouble.”

“And I think he’s been a very good president. A very good president,” Koch said. “And I’m for him.” Read more »


Super Jewish District – Is Barron’s Praise of Felder a Plus or a Minus? (Audio)

One of the Democrats running for the Super Jewish State Senate seat in New York is Simcha Felder, who was a NYC Councilman until a few years ago. One of the clowns in the Council was back then and is still today Charles Barron, a Democrat running in the June 26th Primary for New York’s Eighth Congressional District.

Following is the text and audio of praise that Barron lavished unto Felder back in 2005 during an interview with Zev Brenner: Read more »


Israel – Peres to Bear Gifts at Own White House Ceremony

Haaretz Reports: President Shimon Peres didn’t receive his President’s Medal of Freedom last month with other award recipients – he will have his own ceremony on Wednesday, June 13, at the White House, one that will end with special performance for about 140 guests. Read more »


New York-Born London Mayor Johnson on the Late Show with Letterman

U.K. Guardian: Someone was bound to ask one day, but it was left to US chat show host David Letterman to ask Boris Johnson, the mayor of London: “And how long have you been cutting your own hair?”

With his locks looking arguably tamer than sometimes witnessed by the British public, the re-elected Tory mayor – more used to dispensing jokes than being the butt of them – appeared on the Late Show on Wednesday while in the US on a private trip to promote his book. Read more »


NJ09 – Rabbi Shmuley Invites Dem Challenger Congressman Pascrell for Sabbath Dinner

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach Writes: Now that you and I are the formal candidates of our respective parties we have the ability to do things differently. We can run a positive campaign that stays focused firmly on the issues. We can rise above personality and make this a policy and ideas-driven race. In so doing we can excite not only New Jersey’s Ninth Congressional District but others around the country who can learn from the example we seek to set.

In pursuit of that I have a simple idea. You and I don’t know each other and to my knowledge have never met. I’ve heard a lot about you and you’ve probably heard some about me. Let’s start this race by getting to know each other as people before we get to know each other as opponents.

Read more »


AZ8 – Former Jewish Lawmaker Giffords Campaigns for Former Aide Ahead of Tuesday’s Vote

Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords appeared with Democratic congressional  candidate Ron Barber before a packed room of supporters here on Saturday  evening, kicking off the final 72-hour stretch in thespecial election race for  the seat from which she resigned. Joined by her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, Giffords took the stage  to wild applause at the Rialto Theatre. Giffords was on hand for a concert and  get out the vote rally for Barber, her former staffer and longtime friend whom  she is supporting. – Alex Isenstadt, Politico


NY8 – In its Endorsement of Jeffries, NYDN Calls Barron a ‘Malignant Clown’

One man in this contest is a class act. The other is a malignant clown. – Editors of the New York Daily News in endorsing Hakeem Jeffries. Here is some more what they wrote: Read more »


Gas Prices Fall to Record Average High Set in 2011

The all time high for gas prices was set in the summer of 2008. However, the year when consumers paid on average a record price on average, was in 2011 when the annual average for a regular gallon gas according to the EIA was $3.521. The 2011 annual average broke the annual record average set in 2008 of $3.246.

The “good news” is that the price for a regular gallon gas as of Saturday morning was $3.547, according to AAA. By the time the Sunday numbers are made available, the price will likely be lower by close to another cent. The current numbers are reducing the average price paid at the pump for 2012 which was $3.68 as of the end of May. But in order for 2012 not to break another record for the average paid through the year, prices will need to drop by at least another dime and hold there through the end of the year.


Poll: 52% of Jewish Israelis Say Illegal African Migrants a ‘Cancer’

LAT Reports: More than half of Jewish Israelis polled in May agreed that Africans living illegally in Israel are “a cancer in the body” of the country, backing the controversial words of an Israeli lawmaker.

The new poll from the Israel Democracy Institute and Tel Aviv University is a sign of how deep the backlash against African migrants goes in Israel, a country founded by refugees that has seen angry and sometimes violent resistance to the new influx from Eritrea, Sudan and elsewhere in Africa. Read more »


Didn’t Bibi Predict This?

Reuters Reports: Lack of progress in talks between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency is disappointing and it shows Tehran’s continued failure to abide by its commitment to the UN nuclear watchdog, a US envoy said on Saturday. Read more »


PHOTO of the “Long” Fishel Litzman Beard Prohibited by the NYPD

The New York Daily News wrote first of the NYPD-Long beard incident. Here is the photo taken by Norman Y. Lono for the NYDN of Fishel Litzman. The NYPD said he cannot join the force due to his “long beard,” according to the NYDN.


SHOCKING: Iranian Textbooks in Canadian Schools Depict Jews as Apes

some Canadian school kids taking Persian weekend classes, study from Iranian text books depicting Jews as “sons of apes”, Canadian network Sun News reported. In an interview with The Source, Director of the International and Terrorist Intelligence Program at INSIGNIS Strategic Research Inc. David Harris noted that textbooks issued by the Iranian Education Ministry have made their way into public Canadian schools. – YNet

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