54% Abuse Cases in America Never Get Reported; Only 12% are Arrested; Only 3% Get Prison!

How many times have you read in recent months that very few abuse cases in the Orthodox Jewish Community make it to Police? Well, RAINN.Org estimates that 54% of rape/sexual assaults in the secular street never get reported to the Police! Worse, only 12 out of hundred rapes in the secular street leads to an arrest; only nine are prosecuted; only five are convicted and only THREE out of hundred actually spend time in prison!

Last I checked, almost half of the Hundred Orthodox Jews arrested by the Brooklyn DA on abuse charges, were found or pleaded guilty to a crime. So even if you want to claim that the cases that actually get to the DA are only a fraction of the real Orthodox Jewish crimes, the percent convictions (successful cases) among those arrested appears to be higher than in the secular street. (You get only five convictions out of twelve arrests in the secular street, vs. 47 convictions out of 100 arrests in the Orthodox Jewish street.)

06/10/2012 10:25 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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