New York-Born London Mayor Johnson on the Late Show with Letterman

U.K. Guardian: Someone was bound to ask one day, but it was left to US chat show host David Letterman to ask Boris Johnson, the mayor of London: “And how long have you been cutting your own hair?”

With his locks looking arguably tamer than sometimes witnessed by the British public, the re-elected Tory mayor – more used to dispensing jokes than being the butt of them – appeared on the Late Show on Wednesday while in the US on a private trip to promote his book.

“That’s a low blow,” said Johnson, smiling but possibly a tad vexed. “I was beginning to think I had got through this pretty unscathed. You even mentioned the book more than a few times.”

While the mission was to plug his book, Johnson’s Life of London, written during his first mayoral term, there was little chance that the mayor, who was born in New York 48 years ago this month, was going to avoid singing the praises of London in the run-up to the Olympic Games, even if it involved a couple of gaffes along the way.

06/10/2012 8:15 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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