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Michael Medved: Jewish Vote Ain’t Secure for the Dems

He Writes in the Daily Beast: The similar shift in religious affiliation among New York Jews won’t push the overwhelmingly liberal Empire State into the GOP column in the foreseeable future, but it should begin to change public perceptions concerning the most significant Jewish community in the world outside of Israel. With 74 percent of all identifying Jewish children in the city now affiliated with the Orthodox strain in Judaism, Democrats in years to come no longer can take for granted the automatic, unquestioned and overwhelming support of the Jewish community, and the designation “Jewish” should no longer amount to a synonym for “liberal.”


Standing Up to Bigotry

Just because civil rights leaders and media/press do not call out the Editor of Failed Messiah for treating Orthodox Jews in despicable ways, does not mean Hasidim should roll over under the Editor’s bigotry. Let me explain: Read more »


NY8 – MoveOn Says Barron is Tea-Party Like

Barron’s racist and anti Israel statements, writes MoveOn, “is the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from the most offensive tea partier. Those tea partiers, frankly, don’t belong in Congress. And neither does Charles Barron.”


Administrator at US Sponsored School in Jordan: ‘Israel Doing to Palestinian What Has Been Done to Them by Hitler’

Free Becon Reports: An official at a State Department-sponsored school in Jordan defended her right to post an anti-Semitic rant in the comments section of a website that aims to combat anti-Semitism, a move that has stoked concerns about the school’s curriculum. Read more »


NY7 – Obama Endorses Nydia Velazquez vs. Dilan

Capital NY Has the Obama Statement: “For the past two decades, Rep. Nydia Velázquez has been a constant advocate for middle-class families, helping to create an economy built to last where everyone has an opportunity to achieve the American Dream. Rep. Velázquez has worked tirelessly to create good middle-class jobs through community projects, provide affordable housing so folks have a decent place to lay their head at night, and invest in education so that the children in her district receive the quality education they deserve. The people of NY’s 7th Congressional need to re-elect Rep. Velázquez so that she can keep fighting for them in Congress.”


Christie: ‘It’s Time for Democrats to Begin Swallowing’

NJ1015 Reports: Yesterday, Governor Chris Christie announced that New Jersey grew 17,600 jobs in May, 25% of all the jobs created in America. He says the job figures provide proof that the ‘New Jersey Comeback’ he boasts about at his many town hall meetings is real and even more evidence that the Garden State can afford a tax cut now.

The Governor says if Democrats admit the ‘New Jersey Comeback’ is real they would also have to concede that their policies were wrong and his were right. He says, “This is a very difficult pill for Democrats to swallow, but it’s time for them to begin swallowing. The fact is; it is time for a tax cut in this state. It is long overdue for a tax cut in this state……..We choose to demand tax relief instead of tax increases and gimmicks and games meant for political purposes.”


NY6 – Lancman For Congress, Says the NYDN

There’s a clear choice in the Democratic primary for a new Queens  congressional district spanning Flushing, Bayside, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills,  Middle Village and Glendale, among other neighborhoods. It’s Rory  Lancman, a member of the Assembly who has built a particularly effective  record during five years in the chamber. Queens native, graduate of Queens College and Columbia Law School and  officer in the New York National Guard, Lancman was a practicing attorney before  running for office. In joining the Assembly, he entered a body governed by lockstep leadership.  Still, he succeeded in sponsoring and winning passage of bills of unusually  impressive reach. Read More at the NYDN


Jewish Billionaire and Prez of WJC Runs Full-Page Pro-Bibi Ad in WSJ

Haaretz Reports: In an apparent attempt to patch things up with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a year or so of shaky ties, U.S. billionaire and President of the World Jewish Congress Ronald Lauder published a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal on Thursday, supporting the premier and his position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Read more »

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