CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Content Posted by ‘Failed Messiah’ to Minimize Crime Against 7-Year-Old Hasidic Victim Now Deleted

EVERYONE knows that the Bigot who runs Failed Messiah uses his “concern” for young Jewish victims to attack and smear the whole Orthodox Jewish Community. The same bigot, who rushes to judgment when a mere allegation is made against an Orthodox Jew, took a total different approach when evidence of a crime done Friday by a non-Jew, was made available. The crime, a 12 year old Black kid throwing a huge rock into a passing bus filled with Hasidic children, caused that a seven-year old Hasidic boy should land up in ICU with a fractured skull. (The father told me late Saturday Night that his son is due to leave hospital sometime on Sunday after successful surgery was done Shabbos). My initial article about it showed a huge rock laying in the bus under the seat. Here is a portion of what the Bigot wrote, yet a portion of it is now missing but… I took a screen shot [See Below] of it earlier knowing that the Bigot’s attempt to downplay a crime by a non-Jew against a Hasid, will backfire in his face.

The Bigot wrote:

Gestetner’s website contains the following account of the incident, and this photo of the rock that allegedly was thrown by the boy lying on the school bus floor. Oddly, while there are remnants of snacks the boys were eating, I don’t see any evidence of broken glass, which leads me to think it is possible the rock in this picture is not the rock thrown at the bus, and that the photo was taken in a different part of the bus or on another bus entirely. Also the rock appears to be pretty heavy for a 12 year old to throw. But time will tell.

The line “the rock appears to be pretty heavy for a 12 year old to throw” disappeared after the Bigot took note of a Journal News article which stated that a 12 year old was arrested.

You see, The Bigot did not “see any evidence of broken glass” in a crime against a young Hasidic victim, but he always sees the rape, abuse, White Coller crime evidence before he goes ahead bashing all Hasidim when a Hasid is charged with one of the above crimes. Right? The rock was only “allegedly” thrown at a 7 year old who is now in hospital despite the fact that it is in front of the Bigot’s eyes, but when a he-said, she-said case against an Orthodox Jew arises, the Orthodox is definitely guilty and not worthy to have a day in court. A? This case cannot be a hate crime – despite the fact that this is the fourth Black-on-Jew crime against the property of the same school and this attack took place close to the school – because the PD did no charge it as such. But when a Hasid gets a less-than-expected charge, it sure must be as a result of a political power that Hasidim have. Right?

Anyway, readers. I will not spend every day or every other day responding to the Bigot. I only took time now and on Friday to pick him apart to show how easy it is to prove and show his true colors and lies. The only reason this bigot is not called out by the press, Civil Rights leaders, ADL and DOJ for his blatant anti-Semitism; the only reason respectable publications and professional reporters dare to link/quote and report positively on this Anti-Semite is likely because he was circumcised by a Rabbi and born to a Jewish mother. And since he is a Jew, he apparently gets a pass for making Joseph Goebbels proud.

  1. Pure PR flack. He isn’t denying the damage done and is certainly not trying to downplay the tragic fact that a child is in the hospital. It’s hypocritical to me that when many other Orthodox Jews see something that happens to someone of a different race or religion than they “deserved it,” but when someone does something to a Jew it is automatically a “hate crime” even though most 12 year olds don’t have the mental capacity to have that degree of hatred towards other people. Your article conveys what I’ve seen all along- you consider only Hasidim to be “true Jews” and that you have no consideration for the child victims who are helpless and abused by many members of the community you so desperatly try not to besmirch. Not to mention this is more of an oppurtunity to lash back at Shmarya Rosenberg for reporting on the Brooklyn “convention” where over 1000 Hasidim showed up to protect an accused rapist. I didn’t see any support for the victim in this case. Mr. Gestetner, it’s hypocritical that while you accuse Failed Messiah of not protecting victims you find it neccessary to be a spokesman for conventions that do just the opposite of that.

  2. Slow day for Yossi. How many rapists do you plan on protecting this week?

  3. Rosenberg has Failed


    Scotty Rosenberg exists only to get attention. Please do not lower yourself or endanger the work you do for Klal Yisroel by responding to him in any way. When a dog barks, don’t bark back!

  4. I am grateful the kinder is doing well. B’H. However, where was the outrage when a fellow yidden was burned over more than 50% of his body? Just asking.

  5. From

    CAUGHT IN THE ACT: ‘Failed Messiah’ Deleted Content First Posted to Minimize Crime Against 7-Year-Old Hasidic Victim

    Posted by: Yossi Gestetner | June 17, 2012 at 03:30 AM

    Posted by: Yossi Gestetner | June 17, 2012 at 03:30 AM

    You’re really a fool, Yossi.

    I removed one line a few minutes after I posted because while I was annotating of the rock posted above, I realized the rock was smaller than I originally thought.

    So my sentence about the rock being pretty large for a 12-year-old to throw was removed.

    That actually HELPS your case; it doesn’t hurt it.

    Perhaps if you were honest and smarter, you’d have seen that all by yourself.

    Posted by: Shmarya | June 17, 2012 at 03:36 AM

  6. the point Yossi was making is that when there are any charges against a Chusid everything makes sense to you, even before getting the facts, and when the Chusid is the victim you are searching for the evidence when they are all over the place!

    Now if you feel that’s your mission on this world go head! don’t argue that you are not a Anti Chussid – you are proud of it, aren’t you?

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