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Gestetner on News12 TV Calling for ‘Constructive’ Steps, Instead of Prison, Following Rock Attack

Yossi Gestetner called on Sunday that charges of a more serious nature should be filed against a 12 year old who threw a rock on a passing bus which led to a skull fracture of a seven year old Hasidic boy. Those charges would underscore the seriousness of this event, but at the same time Gestetner said that “a more Constructive way [instead of sending a 12 year old to prison] would be for Police officials to talk with the younger classes about the seriousness of crime… and the need for people to live side by side in peace instead of fighting around.”


OU Concerned That Not All Religious Entities Get ObamaCare Exemptions

JTA Reports: The comments filed Monday with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services express concerns over the regulations’ exemption of houses of worship but not other religious entities such as schools, hospitals and social welfare program providers.

“If the First Amendment’s pair of clauses guaranteeing the right of ‘free exercise’ and prohibiting ‘establishment’ of religion stand for anything, they stand for the protection of citizens against government compulsion to act contrary to conscience and for prohibiting government officials from parceling out religious protection subjectively,” the OU said in its comments. Read more »


Bloomberg Overheard Saying Romney Would be Better Than Obama, But…

during casual conversations at charity event a few days ago, Mr. Bloomberg was far chattier — and candid — about the subject, according to three people who overheard him. Mr. Bloomberg said that he believed Mr. Romney would probably be better at running the country than Mr. Obama, according to two guests. But Mr. Bloomberg said he could not support Mr. Romney because he disagreed with him on so many social issues, these two people said. The mayor mentioned two such issues: abortion rights and gun control. As a result, Mr. Bloomberg said, he intended to remain neutral, said one guest. – NYT


NJDC Asks What Specifically Would Romney do ‘Opposite’ On Israel

The National Jewish Democratic Council frames Romney’s recent statement as follows: If Romney were to “do the opposite” of what President Obama has done for Israel, what would he do differently? Instead of what President Obama has done, would he not: Read more »


British Jews Discuss Peace Efforts with Jordan’s King Abdullah

Representatives of the British Jewish community met the King of Jordan to discuss the development of the peace process between Israel and the Palestinians. The meeting, hosted by JLC chair of trustees Mick Davis, was also attended by senior figures from the Board of Deputies. King Abdullah spoke of Jordan’s ongoing dedication to encouraging dialogue between the Israelis and the Palestinians, as well as the progress of efforts to promote economic and social development in the Middle East. The Jewish Chronicle


GOP Hits Obama: ‘Transmitted From Vladimir: Syria Is Doing Fine’

From the release: With Violence Escalating, Russia Sends Ships To Syria And Obama Continues To Wait For A Diplomatic Breakthrough… Obama Won’t Change His Approach, Even As Russia Increases Its Military Presence And The U.N. Abandons Its Monitoring Mission In The Face Of Surging Violence… In Response, The White House Echoed Old Rhetoric, Calling For “Full Implementation Of The Ceasefire” And Promising To Consult With “International Partners” Over “Next Steps Toward A Syrian-Led Political Transition.”


NY8 – Schumer Will Address the Barron Situation ‘in the Near Future’

Senator Chuck Schumer wasn’t ready to sound any alarms about Charles Barron at his Sunday press conference yesterday. “I’ll be speaking about that in the near future,” Schumer said, cutting off a question about whether he was concerned the outspoken Barron could win an open congressional seat in Brooklyn. – Capital New York. H/T BuzzFeedBen


Bill To Amend NY Health Care Law To Protect Patients According To Jewish Law Passes Legislation

A bill drafted by Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder (D- Far Rockaway) has passed the NYS State legislature. This vital amendment to the state’s Public Health Law, ensuring that patients in the end stages of life will be informed of all their options, including their right to ongoing medical treatments as well as palliative care. Agudath Israel of America, which worked closely with Assemblyman Goldfeder and advocated for the amendment, hailed the development as “a major breakthrough in our efforts to protect the rights of patients to receive medical treatment in accordance with halacha.” – Press Release VINNews


Report: Adelson’s Pledge to Crossroads, Others is $35 million

Sheldon Adelson has no shortage of suitors interested in a piece of his extremely large financial pie this cycle, but the amount he’s planning to give three major outside entities is a bit clearer, via Peter Stone. The total among the three, per Stone’s math, is $35 million. The story of super PACs and the influx of outside cash has now been established as one of the major stories of the 2012 cycle. But Adelson is a story within his own right, given the scope of the spending. – Magie Haberman


Uriel Heilman: Egyptian Military’s Anti-Democratic Moves May Benefit Israel

This is some of what Uriel Heilman wrote. Quite intesteting: Egypt’s military coup is now nearly complete. That may be distressing for Egyptian democracy, but it could help the Israel-Egypt relationship. Sunday’s decision by military rulers in Egypt to rewrite the country’s constitution – a move that strips much of the power of the Egyptian presidency — confirms what many skeptics had warned about since Hosni Mubarak was deposed in February 2011: This wasn’t so much a revolution as a military coup. Read more »


Neo-Nazi Party Maintains Strength in Greek Elections

JTA: Polls and Greek commentators had predicted that support for the fascist party, which entered the Greek Parliament for the first time in inconclusive elections six weeks ago, would drop in Sunday’s election, saying the original vote was a protest against the established political parties held responsible for Greece’s economic crisis. But the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party defied predictions and won nearly 7 percent of the vote in the Greek national elections

The conservative New Democracy Party, which supports Greece staying in the European Union and honoring its commitments under bailouts it received, won the most votes in results released Monday and likely will form the new government.

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