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NYT: Bain Had 80% Success Rate Under Romney

H/T Political Wire for this one from the NYT:

“The private equity firm, co-founded and run by Mitt Romney, held a majority stake in more than 40 United States-based companies from its inception in 1984 to early 1999, when Mr. Romney left Bain to lead the Salt Lake City Olympics. Of those companies, at least seven eventually filed for bankruptcy while Bain remained involved, or shortly afterward.”

In other words, 32 or even 33 firms (at least 80%) survived a Bain takeover.


Congressional Black Caucus Chair Ready to Welcome Barron as New House Member

The chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus sees a silver lining in the divisive primary fight between Hakeem Jeffries and Charles Barron. “The good news is there is hardly any chance we won’t have a  C.B.C. member elected from that seat,” said Emmanuel Cleaver, a longtime congressman from Missouri who has chaired the caucus since 2010. – CAP


Romney Utah Retreat Featured a Special Kosher Shabbat Dinner Friday Night

“Everyone is coming here to rally around the Romney flagpole,” said Cheryl Halpern, a filmmaker who attended with her husband, Fred, a real estate developer from New Jersey. The pair attended a special Sabbath dinner at the retreat featuring kosher fare. – NYT


What is Jerry Sandusky’s Ethnicity and Religion?

When an Orthodox Jew is charged, meaning not yet found guilty, on a crime, all reports say in the headline or latest in the first paragraph that he is an Orthodox Jew. Now after Jerry Sandusky was found guilty on 45 abuse charges, I cannot find a word what his ethnicity and religion is.

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