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Ezra Merkin to to Pay $405M to Madoff Victims Following NYAG Work

The clients of hedge fund manager J. Ezra Merkin will receive $405 million, and New York state will get $5 million to cover the cost of the settlement worked out by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The victims include New York Law School, Bard College, Harlem Children’s Zone, Homes for the Homeless and the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. Schneiderman called the agreement “a victory for justice and accountability.” – WSJ


NY7 – Video Claim: Velazquez Lies to Occupy Activist During TV Debate

Believe me, most voters have no clue what Glass-Steagall is, but here is the video:


NY6 – Asian-American Congress Candidate Seeks to Make History

Chicago Tribune Writes: In a newly drawn congressional district here that is now 40 percent Asian, state Assemblywoman Grace Meng is running to be the first Asian-American member of New York’s congressional delegation. Her main rival in the Democratic primary, Assemblyman Rory Lancman, has made support for Israel a central issue. Read more »


NJ9 – Boteach Faults Congressman on Economic Record

North Jersey Reports: “He’s fought and fought and hasn’t helped,” said Boteach, an Orthodox Jewish rabbi who won the Republican nomination, about Pascrell’s efforts to reinvigorate Paterson‘s economy during a Thursday press conference. A spokesman for Pascrell’s campaign on Thursday defended the Democratic congressman’s record. The press conference outside La Tia Delia Restaurant at Market and Mill streets follows Pascrell’s June 5 primary win over Rep. Steve Rothman, D-Englewood, for the 9th District Democratic nomination. Boteach described that race as a battle in which constituents saw a pro-Arab candidate beat a pro-Israel opponent. “Just imagine when a rabbi moves into the race,” he said.


NY17 – Westchester GOP Wishes a Candidate Would Go Away

NYMag: Dem Congresswoman Lowey is still the odds-on favorite in the general election — she won in 2010 with some 60 percent of the vote — but the more important contest may be over the future of the Republican Party in Westchester. Jim Russell, a state employee and perennial candidate who got on the primary ballot following a petition drive, is also running in the GOP primary, two years after his racist writings prompted GOP bosses to unsuccessfully sue to remove him from the race. Read more »


NY16 – Congressman Eliot Engel Faces Anti-Establishment Candidate

LoHud.Com Writes: Democratic Rep. Eliot Engel of the Bronx faces a primary  Tuesday in a redrawn 16th Congressional District that covers a large swath of southern Westchester and several sections of the north Bronx. Read more »


NY8 – NYDN Editors Write: Bar Charles Barron from Congress

The Editors Write: A great big thanks to former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke for endorsing Brooklyn-Queens congressional candidate Charles  Barron.

By giving Barron his imprimatur, Duke spotlighted to perfect effect Barron’s  disqualification for representing New York in Washington. Let this be the death  knell of Barron’s candidacy as voters of the newly drawn 8th District stampede  to the polls Tuesday in support of rival Hakeem Jeffries. Read more »


WH Video: Obama’s Week in Review – Ending 6/22/12


Ed Koch: I Helped Change Obama On Israel

Ed Koch, the mercurial former New York mayor and Jewish community figure who was helpful to George W. Bush in places like Florida in the 2004 presidential race, sees “change” by President Obama, who he was slow to support, on the subject of Israel. “Going to foreign affairs and Israel in particular, where I am very concerned that I think Israel is in great danger, where I thought the president was not giving enough attention,” Koch told WABC radio’s Aaron Klein. “He’s changed. And I believe I had something to do with the change.” – Politico Via VINNews


VIDEO: My Full Interview on NY1TV an Hour Before I Stepped Down [Must Watch!]

Some people doubt that my dust-up with Dean Skelos’ boys regarding the Super Jewish District was a major reason that I caused a distraction for the NYSGOP. Well, the following NY1 interview took place last week Wednesday June 20th; before I stepped down. The time of the interview was before the unknown Jewish Channel released its “investigative” report about me later that afternoon after I resigned. Watch this seven minute clip, and you decide if anything here of what I say on Zionism to big government and to the Weberman fundraising event are things that would cause a distraction to a State Committee. (I said the same things to the above unknown Jewish Channel, but somehow after cutting, editing, and pasting, they present me as saying things I have not said; such as that the GOP is the party of Big Government…). But again: See this and let me know if anything here should cause a major distraction to a party committee. Obviously not, thus go back and look at the Skelos issue.


Are You a Zionist?

If yes, how do you celebrate Israeli Independence Day?

Will you send your son/nephew to the Israeli army?

Would you live in a tent in a Kibutz to support the State?

Do you know by heart when on the calendar all Israeli holidays are?

As a Zionist, from where until where do you believe are Israel’s border lines?

What should be done to secure those lines?

Should the Palestinian area be just areas or another State?

As a Zionist, do you support/agree with the actions and moves done by the Israeli Gov relevant to Orthodox Jews living there?

As a Zionist, if Israeli’s National Security interest may differ from the United States’ interest on a particular moment, whose would you – living in America – prefer?

If you are a Zionist why don’t you make Aliya?

As a Zionist, why do you listen to WABC-NY who ran thousands of dollars of ads from True Torah Jews; the Satmar anti-Zionist group whom I helped as a contractor in media outreach?

Since you are a Zionist, how can you do business with and earn a living from people who are non-to-Anti Zionist?


NJ Mayor Cory Booker Shows Up at Accident Scene… Again

The mayor of Newark, N.J., who some have called a superhero, helped out at the scene of an accident on Friday, just two months after he rescued his neighbor from her burning home. “God bless my residents. Pulled up on pedestrian/vehicle accident. We got man stabilized & into ambulance. He’ll b OK. Thanx 2 all who helped,” Booker tweeted. Although the mayor was one of several samaritans to help, the real hero was an Essex county police detective who was the first person at the scene and called 911, Booker’s spokesperson said. The detective is credited with wiping blood from the victim’s face, pouring water on his wounds and helping him remain stable until paramedics arrived, the Star-Ledger reported. – Yahoo


The Five and a Half Jewish Tribes in New York


CNN Money: Fracking Cuts Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouses Gases are down recently. CNN Money explains that Obama’s weak economy is one reason, but:

the main and most surprising reason: cheap natural gas.

“The primary reason by far is low natural gas prices,” said Robert Stavins, director of the environmental economics program at Harvard.

Natural gas prices are so low largely thanks to hydraulic fracturing. Known as fracking, the process uses sand, chemicals, water and pressure to crack shale rock and allow the gas to flow.

While the practice has raised fears over ground water contamination and other issues, it’s unleashed an energy boom in the United States that’s taken gas prices to their lowest levels in a decade.

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