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5/10/12 FLASHBACK: Election Returns Show Eroding Public Influence of Dem Boss Lopez

Back on May 10, I wrote as followes: NY Assemblyman and Brooklyn Dem Party Boss Vito Lopez is still in a powerful position; strong enough to force his hands onto others. However, an analysis by Gestetner Updates shows that Lopez is increasingly becoming less of a player in electoral outcomes on his home turf, thus threatening his power among elected officials and beyond. Read Full Article


NY07 – The Real Story Behind the Velazquez Win: ‘Aroynem’ Satmar

It’s not Obama. It’s not Dilan. It’s not Brooklyn Dem Boss Vito Lopez. It’s the Aroynem sect in Satmar; the one HQ’ed in Orange County New York. They flexed their muscles in this election like never before.

In the recent past, the Zaloynim (Williamsburg) wing of Satmar outnumbered the Aroynem by a margin of 2-1. 66% to 33%! In this election however the Aroynem, who were on Velazquez’s side, closed the margin to what appears now 46 for them vs. 54 for the Dilan-Lopez side. In one voting location of younger Hasidic voters, the split is 49-51. Considering that turnout overall in this district was very low, the Hasidic Voters are quite a large percent of the final number. They are presenting such a large percent of the overall vote because the Aroynem wing increased their game by huge margins. Read more »


NYSen Results Prove That Chaskel Bennett Was Key in Turner’s NY9 Win

The campaign manager who ran Bob Turner’s campaign in NY9, ran now the Turner campaign for the U.S. Senate. Just as during NY9, Turner wast underfunded and he ran agaisnt weak opponents. But back then Turner won the special election by a margin of seven points, now he went down in flames. What gives?

Chaskel Bennett gives. When Turner’s Manager received his “Republican Campaign Manager of the Year’ Award for winning NY9, I posted an article mentioning that Bennett and also Jacob Kornbluh deserved credit for “pushing early on for Turner in the Orthodox Jewish Community.” This time around Bennett was not much involved. Yes. He held a fundraiser. Yes, he took care of some other stuff. But no it was not a NY9. Read more »


NYSen – Flashback to NY9: Turner Requests Impound of Ballots

With the news today that Congressman Bob Turner’s team are asking ballots to be impounded, I remembered the following LAT news from last year September 13: Citing reports that at least a handful of absentee ballots had been mailed to voters who are now deceased, Republican Bob Turner obtained a court order impounding absentee ballots cast in the special election in New York’s 9th Congressional District. Bill O’Reilly, a spokesman for the Turner campaign, said in an email that the campaign requested that the ballots be impounded after “getting serious reports of election fraud.”


NYSen – Gillibrand Has More Than $9.9M COH

The victor in Tuesday’s statewide Republican primary for U.S. Senate faces a Democratic incumbent with $9.9 million in campaign cash who 54 percent of voters say they are willing to re-elect. Moreover, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is expected to benefit from heavy Democratic turnout in the November presidential election. And she won statewide two years ago with 61 percent of the vote at the same time that Republicans were unseating Democratic incumbents in several congressional districts in places like the Hudson Valley and western New York. – The Journal News


NY6 – Lancman Took the Wrong Lessons from NY9

It’s highly doubtful that NYS Assemblyman Rory Lancman will win today’s four-way Primary in New York’s Sixth Congressional District. If, again if, he wins  (he has the unions), it would have come to him very tough: A candidate, who otherwise has a strong record to showcase, should have picked up more broad support in fundraising and in party backing while keeping other candidates away, yet he didn’t. Why?

Well, let’s go back to an article I wrote three months before the NY9 election arguing – when Wiener was still in office and no one gave the GOP a chance – that Republicans can actually pick-up the seat if only they reach out to Orthodox Jewish Voters. Here is some of what I wrote: Read more »


NYSen – Giuliani Gives Turner a Primary Day Boost

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani urged voters to turn out for Rep. Bob Turner in the state’s Senate Republican primary on Tuesday. “I’m throwing my full support behind Bob Turner and I hope you will too,” Giuliani said in an e-mail to supporters. The winner of Tuesday’s primary will face Democratic incumbent Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who was appointed to the seat in 2008 by then-Gov. David Paterson to replace then-Sen. Hillary Clinton. Gillibrand is now running for a full six-year term. – CNN


NY17 Updates

Crickets… Crickets… Crickets…


NY18 – Five Way Dem Primary to Take-on Congresswoman Hayworth

Nan Hayworth is in her first term. Her current seat, NY19, Was held by a Democrat for two terms after defeating a Republican in 2006. This seat my swing in November. More than 5,000 Hasidic voters reside in this district (in Kiryas Joel), but their vote did not change the 2010 outcome one way or another.


New York – Illegal Posters Could Pin Fines on Campaigns

It is illegal for any person to paste, post, paint, print, nail or attach on  any lamppost, awning post, telegraph poles, telephone poles or other similar  public item on any street, according to the Department  of Sanitation. Posting signs on public spaces carries a $75 to $200 fine for the first  offense. DNAInfo


NY08 – Charles Barron Has Voted — Have You?

Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries predicted victory over Councilman Charles Barron in today’s Democratic primary for Congress as he voted this morning near his Prospect Heights home — but polls remain open until 9 p.m. Mr. Jeffries showed up at the polls flanked by his sons, Jeremiah, 10, and Joshua, 8. Mr. Barron, presumably, voted, too, but his campaign has not returned calls, e-mails or other queries about the candidate’s whereabouts. – NYT


White House: Syria Slipping From Assad’s Grasp

The White House highlighted news reports of high-level Syrian defections and fighting drawing closer to Damascus on Tuesday as signs that President Bashar Assad is “losing his grip” on his country some 15 months into a bloody crackdown on opposition to his rule. – Yahoo


NY07 – 6,400 Hasidim Voted as of 6:00 PM

It’s tough to know how many of those 6,400 votes went for Erik Dilan and how many went for Congresswoman Velazquez. But at the current pace, the Hasidic Vote in this district will reach more than 9,000 votes as we posted last night.


Report: Storobin Delivers on Education Promises

In a matter of only weeks, NY Senator Storobin has delivered on campaign promises including legislation he sponsored to assist with the cost associated with education of special needs students and students who require a specific religious education. This legislation (S7722), which Senator Storobin co-sponsored… has just passed both houses of the legislature and has been delivered to Governor Cuomo. – YWN


NY7 – Shelly Silver: There Has Been A ‘Deceitful’ Campaign Run Against Velazquez

Politicker NY: At a senior center on the Lower East Side, Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver slammed the campaign ran against Congressman Nydia Velasquez. Read more »


NY7 PHOTO: Solid Turnout in Hasidic Areas 12 Midday (This Means 6-9 PM is Mad-House Time)


The False Option Presented by Joel Braunold in Haaretz to Orthodox Jewish Voters

“Will Orthodox Jews go against their economic interests to vote Republican?” headlines an article in Haaretz. The wrier says “Orthodox communities might feel affiliated with Romney’s social conservatism, but they rely on community programs that need Democratic government grants.”

His headline and lead-in paragraph are presenting false choices:

Orthodox Jews in the New York are seeing what England’s NHS is doing its sick, and where Greece landed up by an endless hand-out economy. Orthodox Jewish voters are increasingly convinced that having a pro- business; pro-lower tax rates; pro-private school; pro-religion party in control of legislative houses and executive chambers means more income, more prosperity for everyone up and down the chain. Read more »


NY17 – $0 Cash on Hand Up Against $1M COH in Today’s GOP Primary

The survivor of Tuesday’s Republican Primary between Hawthorne resident Jim Russell (who has $0 cash on hand) and Rye Town Supervisor Joe Carvin, a Port Chester resident (who has $1M cash on hand), will go on to face U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey, D-Rockland/Westchester, in November’s general election. Although Lowey currently represents the 18th Congressional District, that seat will be moved to the 17th Congressional District next year because of redistricting.  The new district will include Cortlandt, Peekskill, Mt. Kisco and all of Rockland County. – Patch


Upstate – Rockland County Rating May be Reduced to Junk after State Senator Carlucci Fails to Act



Upstate – NY State Awards Ramapo With Grant to Kick-Start its GREEN Project

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced that it has awarded a grant to the Town of Ramapo to begin its “GREEN” initiative, which is spearheaded by Councilman Daniel Friedman. The Get Ramapo Energy Efficient Now (GREEN) initiative is a multi-million dollar project that will coordinate energy upgrades on Ramapo’s municipal facilities, and ultimately, invest in solar technology to further reduce the cost of powering Ramapo’s facilities.

 “I am very pleased that New York State has chosen to partner with the town on this exciting and important venture,” stated Ramapo Councilman Daniel Friedman, who first proposed the GREEN initiative several months ago. “This grant confirms that Ramapo is on the right track to reducing costs for the benefit of taxpayers, and I’m proud to have been able to deliver the support and funds from our state government to Ramapo.”

Source: Press Release


Brooklyn – Cymbrowitz, Storobin Join Forces To Mandate Russian-Language Voting Materials

At a press conference in the heart of Brooklyn’s Russian-American community, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) and State Senator David Storobin (R-Brooklyn) today announced the passage of groundbreaking legislation they introduced that will require all voting materials, including ballots, to be translated into Russian. Also celebrating the bill’s passage were leaders from the Russian-American community and elected officials including Assemblymembers Alec Brook-Krasny and Helene Weinstein and State Senator Diane J. Savino. The announcement was made outside Tatiana Restaurant on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk. – Sheepshead Bites


NY6 – Video: Odd Online Ad by Fourth Dem (Bob Mittman) in Race



Israeli-Christian-Arab Immigrant-to-US Sentenced to Life in Prison for Michigan Murders

An Arab-Israeli immigrant to the United States was sentenced to life in prison for the stabbing death of a Michigan man, part of a series of killings and attacks. Elias Abuelazam, 33, a Christian Arab from Ramla, was sentenced Monday for the stabbing death of Arnold Minor, 49. Abuelazam was accused of killing three people during a series of killings and attacks in three US states during the summer of 2010. In addition to the three murder charges, Abuelazam also is facing six assault with intent to murder charges in the Flint area, as well as attempted murder charges in Toledo, Ohio. He is a suspect as well in several attacks in Leesburg, Va. – JTA Via JPost


NY7- Hasidim to Amount 25% of Tuesday’s Vote

The NY7 race between Congresswoman Velazquez vs. Brooklyn-Dem-Boss-Backed Dilan can be decided based on the Jewish Vote: If both sides of Satmar in Williamsburg in addition to the smaller Hasidic sects bring their herd to the polling places, it may produce more than 9,000 votes. This will be 25% of the 36,000 voters that may show up on Tuesday.

Besides for the top two candidates, two other candidates are running Anti-Velazquez campaigns in the Dem Primary. The unofficial expectation in the Velazquez camp is that the two smaller candidates will bite off a total 10% of the overall vote on Tuesday; leaving Velazquez with 50% and Dilan with 40%.


NY8 – Jewish Voters Could Decide House Battle

CBSNY Reports of the NY8 race that “Although the district includes heavy minority communities like Bedford Stuyvesant and Fort Greene, nearly 75 percent of the district is black and Hispanic. It also includes heavily Jewish areas like Coney Island and Brighton Beach.”


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