Report: Anti-Vito Satmar Faction Takes Victory Lap

Politicker Reports: In a press release blasted out by George Arzt Communications, the same firm that worked for Ms. Velázquez’s campaign, Rabbi Moshe Indig, a power broker in the the “Aroni” Satmar sect, declared his faction’s ongoing success over Mr. Lopez.

“Though Velázquez lost in Williamsburg, the margin was slim among the Satmar – 47 percent – 43 percent – because of the support of the Aroynem,” the statement declared, with Rabbi Indig adding, “This marks a new era in Brooklyn. In a short period of time the Aroynem have surged and matched the influence of the Zaloynim.”

The rabbi pointed to past victories as well, including Dan Squadron’s successful campaign for the State Senate in 2008 and Lincoln Restler’s bid for the state committee in 2010.

06/29/2012 2:46 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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