The Rubashkin Case and the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s term came to an end last week Thursday, but the Rubashkin case’s chance of being argued before the Justices has not yet started.

Initially, the Government was supposed to deliver its “side of the story” to SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the Unites States) by May fifth. The Government asked and received a thirty day extension to June fifth, and another thirty day extension through July fifth. Days ago the Government asked for another thirty days, but the Clerks at SCOTUS granted only twenty days. This means, the Government will need to deliver its written side of the story by July 25.

The next step is for the SCOTUS to get back into session (to start its next term), which takes place after the summer, when the selection process begins. Almost 10,000 cases come before the Court every term, but less than hundred are actually argued before the Justices. Almost all cases get thrown out.

07/01/2012 9:18 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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