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Will Obama Levy Poll Tax on Israeli Jews Who Register to Vote?

As posted earlier, the Republican Jewish Coalition wants to register to vote US Passport-holding Israelis. The issue is that if you are American, you have to pay income tax to Uncle Sam regardless where you live, but the IRS does not know the address of many overseas Americans to actually levy tax on their income. Now however with so many Jews in Israelis ready to register to vote and submit an exact address of their living location, the IRS may try using this information (if it’s permissible) to audit these oversees citizens and demand they pay back-tax.


RJC Announces Voter Registration Drive in Israel

The Republican Jewish Coalition announced today that RJC Board of Directors member and former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer and RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks will travel to Israel the week of July 9-13 to engage with American citizens living in Israel as part of a voter registration drive, absentee ballot program, and advocacy initiative. The RJC is very excited about this first-time project. The RJC is supporting the efforts of iVoteIsrael (ivoteisrael.com) and Republicans Abroad Israel (www.republicansabroad.org.il/). – RJC Press Release


NY07 – Follow Up on the Velazquez-Dilan Election Results

The Board of Elections in NYC still has many hundreds or perhaps thousands of ballots that need to be counted in New York’s Seventh Congressional District, as is the case with other congressional districts.

The BOE is counting this week the affidavits that many hundred voters, certainly Hasidic voters, have signed on Election Day. Next week, the BOE will count the absentee ballots that were submitted in the lead-up to the election. Read more »


OHSen – Mandel’s Office Lowers Interest Rates for Small Business Storm Victims

NWO Reports: Small businesses and homeowners who apply for bank loans for construction, restoration or cash flow for damage and hardship resulting from the recent severe weather may be eligible to receive interest rate reductions through the treasurer’s office. Read more »


Iran Threatens Israel as New Sanctions Kick-in

Iran launched a three-day war games exercise on Monday as a senior official threatened that an Israeli attack would “hand us an excuse to wipe them off the face of the earth,” according to Iranian news reports. The Iranian war games, during which missiles will be fired at targets modeled after foreign bases, are coming as a stiff European Union sanctions on Iranian oil took effect Sunday. – The Hill


This Was Fast: Mofaz Threatens To Quit Unity Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disbanded a state-sanctioned committee  charged with forming a new law on drafting ultra-Orthodox men into the Israel  Defense Forces on Monday, in an apparent blow to coalition partner Kadima, which  joined the premier’s cabinet based on an agreement that the government would  formulate a new Haredi enlistment law. The committee, headed by Kadima MK Yohanan Plesner, was dissolved after a  reported disagreement over the wording of the new bill, which was geared to  replace the so-called Tal Law after that was struck down as unconstitutional by  the High Court. – Haaretz Via Forward


At Funeral, Israel’s Leaders Praise Shamir’s Dedication and service

JTA Reports: An intimate but distinguished crowd sat opposite a military honor guard at the outdoor ceremony on Monday evening. Joining Shamir’s children and grandchildren in attendance were Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; President Shimon Peres; the head of the Israeli Defense Forces, Benny Gantz; the Sephardic chief rabbi, Shlomo Amar; and other political, religious and military leaders.

Shamir died Saturday at the age of 96. He served as Israel’s prime minister from 1983 to 1984, and from 1986 to 1992. Read more »


NY8 – DCCC Place$ Jeffrie$ on Team of Ten Dem$ to Rai$e Ca$h

NYDN Reports Via YWN: Party leaders took notice of Jeffries’ fund-raising prowess — and how he built a network of support, including a wide array of endorsements — that allowed him to wax Barron, eclipsing 70% of the vote.

Jeffries raised more than $770,000 by early June, and pulled in $250,000 more in the final weeks of the campaign, his supporters said. Campaign watchers argued that, early on in the campaign, Jeffries’ ability to outraise 15-term incumbent Rep. Edolphus Towns, siphoning support from Towns’ longtime base, prompted him in April to say he would be retiring.


Brooklyn – AD45 – Assembly Candidate Akselrod Accuses Cymbrowitz of Voting to Cut MTA Budget

In 2010 at the same time the MTA cut weekend, evening and off peek service on the B4 bus Assembly Cymbrowitz voted to cut $143 million from the MTA. The 2010 B4 cuts eliminated the line east of Ocean  Parkway on weekends and off-peak hours on weekdays. Read more »

Barron on What ‘The Jews’ Want From Jeffries, Other Black Officials

Azi Paybarha Reports: Calling into WBLS’s show “Express Yourself” Sunday afternoon, Charles Barron said: Read more »


FL Gov. Scott Presses for Prison Privatization

When Gov. Rick Scott and legislators tried to privatize South Florida prisons, the state Senate rejected it. When the state sought to privatize healthcare for inmates, two unions filed suit, stalling the project. Undeterred, the Department of Corrections is pursuing privatization on a new front. The agency will seek bids to privatize all 20 of its work release centers, including three each in Pinellas County and South Florida, even though the Legislature didn’t mandate it. The state has not made the privatization plan public. The prison system says it has the authority under state law, but the Teamsters Union that represents state correctional officers is threatening a lawsuit. – Miami Herald


Incumbent Party in Mexico Comes in Distant Third in Sunday’s Presidential Elections

LAT Reports: Millions of Mexicans voted Sunday to restore to power the once-authoritarian party they dumped 12 years ago, exit polls showed, while also delivering a harsh rebuke to a government that advanced democratic rule but also saw the country plunge into grisly violence.

Enrique Peña Nieto, the telegenic candidate for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, was ahead in Sunday’s vote by as much as 11 percentage points, according to exit surveys conducted by pollsters and Mexican media. His campaign director, Luis Videgaray, claimed victory within minutes of polls closing.

“Enrique Peña Nieto is the next president of Mexico,” Videgaray said. Read more »

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