Williamsburg – In Fight for Grants, CJC Has Long Way to Go Before Reaching UJO

The community services organization UJO is considered to be closely aligned with the Zaloynim faction or Satmar, while the CJC is considered to be aligned with the Aroynem. Based on how much funds each of the two organizations were granted in the NYC FY2013 budget, one may conclude that the CJC has a long, long way to go before they reach the long-standing successful record of the UJO.

UJO will receive a total of $313,625 from FY 2013 compared to only $27,500 for the CJC. The UJO funds (eleven times larger than the CJC funds) are spread between seven grants, the largest being $200,000 from the Brooklyn Delegation. CJC will receive only three grants, the largest ($20,000) coming from Councilman David Greenfield.

07/04/2012 3:33 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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