Felder Declines Golf Challenge from Storobin

Brooklyn, NY – Yesterday, Monday night at an Annual Fundraiser Barbeque for the Keren Aniyem charitable organization, that took place at The Marine Park Golf Course, State Senator David Storobin and his challenger for the Super Jewish senate district Deputy NYC Comptroller Simcha Felder were in attendance.

Senator Storobin treated himself to several rounds of golf, while Felder was standing close by. An onlooker suggested that Storobin challenge Felder to a golf competition. Storobin with golf club in hand turned around and called out “Hey, Simcha, are you in for a competition?”, Felder declined the challenge, saying “Sorry, I have to catch Maariv” (Jewish Evening Services), while there was still 10 minutes to Maariv.

07/10/2012 5:42 PM by Mark Hirshberg

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