This Stupid Debate Regarding the Jewish Vote Moving to the Right Needs to Stop

It’s practically stupid to keep arguing whether Jews overall on a national level, will continue to vote for the Democrats. This was never the question. The question is how many swing states, how many Congressional seats can be swung by Jewish Voters, certainly by the fastest growing group (the Ultra-Orthodox), who are clearly and increasingly voting more GOP than the overall Jewish Community.

Back on June 13 2011, three months before the NY9/Bob Turner election (when Congressman Wiener was still in office), I headlined an op-ed with the words “Jewish Vote Key To Weiner’s Seat – And Swing States Too.” In it I argued that the GOP can pick up the seat and some swing states too by reaching out to Orthodox Jews who are more willing in recent years than in the past to vote for the GOP. “Jews moving to the right” was never about Jews overall and it was not about a national change. It was and still is about individual races with national ramifications.


07/10/2012 4:34 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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