Brooklyn – NYDN Reports on the Two Tischler Brothers: One Aiming for Felder, the Other for Hikind

Reuven Blau at the NYDN Reports: Abraham, 21, and Moishy Tischler, 20, are still living at home, pursuing  college degrees at night and working day jobs with their dad. But that hasn’t stopped the politically ambitious duo from challenging ex-Councilman Simcha  Felder for the new state Senate’s “Super Jewish” seat and community power  broker Dov Hikind (D-Borough Park) for his Assembly seat in the Democratic  primary in September.

The underdogs proudly handed in thousands of signatures from registered  Democrats required to land on the ballot on the Democratic line at a Board of  Election office near Wall St. on Tuesday… The brothers have learned their lesson, now armed with legal help and  hundreds of extra signatures to pad their count. Abraham needed 1,000 signatures  but handed in 3,000 and Moishy needed 500 and submitted 2,700.

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07/11/2012 4:35 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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