Super Jewish District: Senior Skelos Aide Attends Big Fundraiser for Storobin

Democrat Simcha Felder may want to reconsider his unwillingness to declare his solidarity with the New York State Senate Democrats: A senior political aide to Republican State Senate Leader Dean Skelos was visibly seen Tuesday Night at a fundraiser that raised a nice sum for State Senator David Storobin. This is the first and strongest public signal yet that the Republican Leader may after all back his own Caucus member Storobin, instead of Felder.

Skelos was willing to back Felder when it was not clear yet that Storobin will win the count in the Special Election. But since then, Storobin’s win was certified and Skelos has been in a bind ever since. In Fact, Skelos not attending a huge fundraiser for a member of his own Caucus, illustrates the tough spot that he finds himself. But sending a senior aide to attend is a clear signal that Skelos will likely come around fully before the election to back Storobin.

07/11/2012 2:07 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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