Op-Ed: Mr. President, I Care About My Job, Not Romney’s Bank Accounts!

Dear Mr. President,

I’ve been following the 2012 campaigns recently, trying to shape my decision for whom to vote in the upcoming presidential elections. What I saw from your campaign ads made me very uncomfortable to pull the lever in your favor in November.

You strongly touted the fact that you created 4.4 million jobs since you took office.  But Mr. President do you know that according to the records of the Deptartment of Health and Human Services – in the period from 1985 till 1994 there was an annual birth rate of between 3.6 and 4.1 million babies born in the United States? this means that millions of Americans are entering the working age every single year that you were in office. This means that more than ten million people entered the working age in your first term and are looking for jobs. Indeed, 4.4 million of them found jobs (if you ignore the first sixteen months of your term when jobs were lost). Your 4.4 million jobs still leaves millions of people without work, thus we have record high Unemployment.

Mr. President, I read in the news that in the last few months you spent over $85 million to tear down Romney rather than to explaining what you did to improve the economy in your first term, and what you plan to do to improve it in your second term. Mr. President, you keep telling me that you “inherited” a bad economy, and it’s Bush’s fault, sorry, Bush’s worst year was way better than your best. For example, unemployment never reached 8% under Bush, and never went below 8% since you’re in office.

Mr. President, I don’t really care what’s on Mr. Romney’s tax return; I just care what’s on my tax return, and I don’t see how you are helping me in that regard. I don’t care when Mr. Romney left Bain Capital, I care about when I lost my job, and when I will find a new one, and I don’t see how you are helping me in that regard either.

Mr. President, I don’t care where Mr. Romney keeps his money, I care about when I will have some money to save.

Mr. President, I don’t believe that if someone is wealthy he is automatically out of touch with regular Americans. I do feel that you are out of touch with regular Americans if you can spend $85 million on ads that are irrelevant to the pain of millions of Americans.

Mr. President, the job of Mr. Romney at Bain Capital was to bring back financial returns to his clients and to those who entrusted him with their money.

His job was to do anything in his power to turn the companies he took over into profitable entities. If that means that he had to outsource some jobs due to the unfavorable business climate in the U.S., then that was his solemn duty to his clients. He delivered on his promise, and he had more than a 80% success rate creating thousands of jobs, and millions of dollars of profit for those who put their trust in him.

Mr. President, millions of Americans put their trust in you to create jobs, improve the economy and offer them a piece of the American dream. You failed us miserably! We are millions of jobs short, we are a nation in despair, and tens of millions of us are far away from the American dream.

To restore some confidence in us, the voters, tell us about your plans that are relevant to millions of Americans, rather than attacking Mitt Romney.

07/15/2012 5:37 PM by Mark Hirshberg
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