Two Orthodox Jews Mug Three Year Old!

“The 3-year-old boy mugged by two thugs in Brooklyn is so traumatized by the  attack he doesn’t want to play outside anymore, his parents told The Post  yesterday. “He is scared,” said Pedro Hernandez, 35, whose son, Harvey, was robbed of a  $400 gold chain. The thugs ripped the chain off the boy’s neck as he sat in his stroller in  Bedford-Stuyvesant on Tuesday,” reports the Post 

The news report does not give the names, description or religious identity of the attackers, which means the attackers are from a group that the Media does not dare call out by name in its reports/headlines. I don’t know which group, but certainly a group, race or background that gets treated in the media better than Orthodox Jews are treated. Were the attackers Orthodox Jews, the headline in the Post would have read exactly as I posted it above this article.

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07/15/2012 11:15 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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