22 Year Old Orthodox Woman to Run as GOP’er Against State Senator Parker

VINNews Reports: A 22 year old law school student who hopes to shake things up in Brooklyn’s 21st District is challenging Kevin Parker for his state senate seat and will be running unopposed on both the Republican and Conservative lines.

Mindy Meyer, an Orthodox Flatbush resident, who is currently employed as a judicial intern for Judge Francois Rivera at the King County Supreme Court and attends law school at night, admits to having always been fascinated by politics.

“I met Mayor Giuliani when I was twelve,” Meyer told VIN News.  “When we went to Washington for our 8th grade graduation trip, I tried to coordinate a trip to meet the president at the White House.”

A graduate of Touro College and one of five children, Ms. Meyer chose law to study law as a segue into politics.

07/16/2012 11:10 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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