Super Jewish: Will Senator Storobin Meet or Beat Felder’s Fundraising?

Simcha Felder announced April 18 to the Hamodia that he is running for the Super Jewish State Senate seat in Brooklyn. In the twelve weeks since that announcement all through the end of the just concluded fundraising period, he raked in $229,000. This amounts to an average of $19,083.33 per week.

On the other hand, State Senator David Storobin was sworn into office June 11, a mere month before the fundraising deadline. For him to be considered on strong footing, he will need to meet or at least come close to the fundraising speed of Felder which is $19K per week. For the four week period since he announced that he is running, Storobin will need to have raised $76,333.32 to be on the same fundraising speed as Felder.

Senator Storobin certainly didn’t have the fundraising boost that other NY Republicans had in recent months: The public support of Senate Leader Skelos, which helps in fundraising. In addition, while NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich has already received $250K from the Republican’s Campaign Committee to boost his State Senate campaign coffers, Storobin as of last week Thursday night has not received financial support from Skelos. Worse, Skelos did not even attend a recent fundraiser that raked in big bucks for the sitting State Senator.

07/16/2012 1:58 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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