Guess Who is Kissing-Up to Hasidic Williamsburg

Some people claim that Brooklyn DA Hynes is “protecting” abusers of the Orthodox Jewish Community because the DA fears the political muscle of the Orthodox Community. One of the people who claimed recently that Hynes is playing politics with this issue, is Abe George. He is a former Manhattan ADA that is eyeing a run against Hynes, in large part due to Hynes’ handling of the abuse issue.

Fast forward to Monday night and guess who showed up to a political event hosted by one of the Satmar groups in Williamsburg? Yes, you are reading right: Abe George, the same person who decries Hynes for allegedly falling all over himself to submit to the political power of Hasidim, came rushing in to kiss up to Hasidim!

I am actually glad that politicians reach out to the Orthodox Community. But if all the stories ten days ago about your potential campaign are of you being so righteous about politics, why did you show-up to an event which was more about bragging rights for one wing of Satmar than some major event which encompasses all sects and stripes of the Orthodox Community? Again, I am fully ok with the event. It’s well deserved for the ‘Aroynem’ but it’s strange that a guy who basis his run on beating-back the political influence of the Orthodox Community, came rushing in to a political event of this nature.

07/17/2012 8:36 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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