Bibi Dials Down Retaliation Threats After Pressure from US!

Malcolm Hoenlein said Thursday night on the John Batchelor Show that the United States is putting a mountain of pressure on Israel not to retaliate against Iran for the Bulgaria bombing. Indeed, this morning Israel’s prime minster Bibi Netanyahu spoke totally differently than a mere 48 hours earlier.

The Christian Science monitor reports:  Speaking to reporters, Mr. Netanyahu said it was Hezbollah, acting as the “long arm” of Iran, which actually carried out the attack. And instead of a vague threat of a “strong retaliation,” Mr. Netanyahu spoke of a protracted manhunt to exact revenge on those responsible.

The more muted response suggests that, rather than opting for a harsh and swift retaliatory strikes as it has in the past, Israel will keep a low profile and seek revenge in covert hits over time to avoid destabilizing an already chaotic region in the present.

07/20/2012 1:49 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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