‘Hynes Abused the Power of Justice to Serve Political Means’

Two weeks ago, Abe George left the Manhattan DA’s office, to run for Brooklyn District Attorney in 2013, challenging Charles Hynes after 23 years in office. “Hynes’ Politics dominated the DA Office,” he told the Jewish Voice in an exclusive interview this week. “Hynes abused the power of Justice to serve political means. “My election will be about restoring integrity to the office,” he explains.

Hynes, George says, went after all of his political opponents who had the audacity to challenge him. After a short period they all found themselves somehow indicted or declared mentally incompetent as in the case of Judge Philips.This granted him term after term to rule, and run unopposed in 2009.

George stepped forward to challenge Hynes primarily because he felt that the public has lost trust in the DA’s office, since politics dictated the policies thereof, instead of the demands of justice.

(Source: The Jewish Voice)

07/25/2012 7:00 PM by JPUpdates Staff
Tags: Abe George

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