The Economist: Orthodox Jews Still Have Religious Misgivings About Zionism

A century ago the haredi rabbis of Poland and Russia took a generally jaundiced view of Zionism, which was then just starting up. They thought God would restore his people to the Holy Land in his own good time. But as the Zionist enterprise in Palestine began to grow, so did a pragmatic streak within haredism that wanted to join in. A haredi minister served in Ben-Gurion’s first government. Hard-core recalcitrants continue to see Israel as sinfully presumptuous, but the majority have come to terms with it. Unlike the modern-Orthodox, though, the haredim have not become messianic. They still have theological misgivings about Zionism, and certainly about Zionist expansionism.Economist

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07/26/2012 12:49 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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