Obama Signs Wallenberg Act

President Obama signed into law the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Celebration Act. This was the culmination of the legislative process to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Raoul Wallenberg for his efforts in saving over 100,000 Hungarian Jews during the waning days of World War II. Both houses of Congress voted unanimously to present the posthumous award to Wallenberg.

The Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Celebration Commission, which was spearheaded by The Friedlander Group, was founded to in order to highlight the heroic actions of the Swedish diplomat, along with its organizational partners noted the important milestone.

The signing is just part a national campaign by the Raoul Wallenberg Centennial Commission highlighting Wallenberg’s heroism, which also includes the naming of public streets and other venues for Wallenberg in honor of the 100th anniversary of Wallenberg’s birthday which will take place next week.

The US mint is now authorized to design and print the Congressional Gold Medal which will be presented in the Congress.

Press Release

07/27/2012 12:10 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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