Opinion: In Israel-Iran Conflict, Don’t Rely on Romney

Jeff Goldberg Writes: On the matter of Iran, however, Netanyahu would be wrong to root for Romney. Barack Obama is the one who’s more likely to confront Iran militarily, should sanctions and negotiations fail. He has committed himself to stopping Iran by any means necessary, and he has a three-year record as president to back his rhetoric. Romney has only rhetoric, and he would be hamstrung in many ways if he chose military confrontation.

Romney, who is visiting Netanyahu in Jerusalem this weekend, isn’t soft on the matter. He told a Veterans of Foreign Wars convention this week that, “A clear line must be drawn”with Iran: “There must be a full suspension of any enrichment, period. And at every turn, Iran must know that the United Statesand our allies stand as one in these critical objectives. Only in this way can we successfully counter the catastrophic threat that Iran presents.” He went on, “I pledge to you and to all Americans that if I become commander-in-chief, I will use every means necessary to protect ourselves and the region, and to prevent the worst from happening while there is still time.”

But Romney would face several critical challenges in a conflict with Iran that Obama would not:

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07/27/2012 8:46 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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