POLL: Only 4% Jews Cast Their Ballots Based on Israel

Time Mag Writes: Jewish voters don’t simply vote according to foreign policy. A Public Religion Research Institute survey this spring found that only 4% of Jews cast their ballots based on Israel. Like most Americans, Jewish voters are expected to cast their ballots based on key domestic issues like the economy. “American Jews are multi-issue voters,” says David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee. “Israel may be one, but the economy is another one — and according to our data, it’s the bigger one.”

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S Sallai Meridor agrees. “The majority of Americans feel strongly about Israel as an issue they have mind, but at the same time, I do think that domestic issues and the economy will be priority number one for most people,” says Meridor, who cautions that as tensions heat up in the region, the focus for voters could change. And if it does, Romney’s decision to court the Jewish vote would be worthwhile. “I think from the perspective of the candidates,” Meridor adds, “every vote counts.”

07/27/2012 9:20 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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