A Dozen Parents Ask State to Remove Hasidic Board Members for Helping Jewish Students; Improving Public Schools

A group of parents residing in the East Ramapo Central School District in Rockland County, New York, filed a request with the State Education Department that it should remove five of the seven Orthodox Jewish members on the nine-member School Board (two Orthodox members were only recently elected).

The reason for this request?

Well, since the Orthodox started being elected to the Board five years ago, waste in the public school system has gone down; property tax that used to increase 7%-12% annually is largely flat, and the local Hasidic community finally started seeing more of their property tax dollars coming back for the education of their own children. Apparently, all this is unbecoming in the eyes of a few rabble rousers in the district who favor taxes going up by double digit each year; the school budget inflating annually despite the dwindling enrollment numbers, and the grades of the public school students failing as it did until a few years ago.

Ya, this explains why they lost all recent elections that ran in.

The New York Times reports that “The school board president, Daniel Schwartz, said in an interview that the petition… represented the views of chronic complainers. He said any insinuation that Orthodox Jewish board members could not focus on the needs of non-Jewish children was offensive and anti-Semitic. The Times also reports that the President said at a meeting: Not only is it un-American, it is also illogical and stupid. But if you want to say that Orthodox Jews don’t have the right to legislate for public school children, then by extension, black people don’t have the right to legislate when it affects white people and women don’t have the right to legislate when it affects men.”

07/31/2012 10:14 AM by JPUpdates Staff

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