Here is Why Orthodox Leaders are Silent About Mindy Meyer

“In New York, many bloggers and thinkers have been surprised by how little blowback Meyer seems to be getting from Orthodox leaders, who so far have been conspicuously silent about her run,” writes Allison Yarrow of the Daily Beast.

Perhaps the “bloggers and thinkers” are surprised because they bought into a false, misleading narrative that the Orthodox Community represses their women. Having this false story-line at hand, it is indeed a “surprise” that Orthodox Leaders have little to say about Ms. Meyer.

But what else do you expect in the era of Copy/Paste, Lazy Journalism? The Daily Beast article embedded an online ad produced by a group not affiliated to Meyer, yet the article writes beneath the ad “Watch Mindy Meyer’s campaign ad for New York State Senate.” So… if a writers and editors are not aware of this little fact – which was reported as a major headline at Politickerny 36 hours before the Daily Beast article went online – then it is not a surprise that “bloggers and thinkers” are… surprised that things they expected to happen based on their ill-understanding of Orthodox life and culture, did not happen after all.

08/02/2012 5:50 PM by JPUpdates Staff

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